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How We Wear It: The Ballard by Straight Stitch Designs

By Allie

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How We Wear It: The Ballard by Straight Stitch Designs | Blog

Today's style post is, without a doubt, my favorite style post we've created to date. I can't pinpoint exactly why, but the combination of this awesome split back top, a cute little pilates model, and fall photography has me, quite frankly, freaking out about it all. Today I get to show you how we wear the Ballard Top by Straight Stitch Designs.

But first can we talk a bit about this Indiesew exclusive pattern? If you've never heard of Straight Stitch Designs, we must sing this designer's praises. Kimberly was an Indiesew creator from nearly the beginning, back when her blog was called The Nest Creations. This summer Kimberly participated in Lauren Dahl's Pattern Workshop and started creating her own women's sewing patterns under the name Straight Stitch Designs.

Her first pattern, the Ravenna Top was launched a month or so ago with great reception. And because Kimberly is so utterly enthusiastic about designing women's sewing patterns, and is a total dream to work with, we jumped at the opportunity to help a brand new designer get a little more exposure. We were so excited to launch her next pattern, the Ballard, exclusively in our shop.

Kimberly has built in a ton of functionality and options into her second sewing pattern. The Ballard can be sewn like the version in the Indiesew shop with two panels, attached at the bottom with a wide waistband. Other variations include one single back bodice with or without a waistband, and the option to stitch together the two panel design. But my favorite take on the Ballard is the fourth option Kimberly included: split back with no waistband. I've been craving a top like this for months. I've been dreaming of a top that's perfect for layering.

Ballard Top Front | Indiesew Style Post

Today, we're showcasing our Ballard top on pilates instructor, Cait. Our Ballard is sewn up in a mid weight sweater knit with a very open weave. That makes this the perfect top for fall with a long, drapey tank top layered underneath.

Ballard Top | Sewing Pattern by Straight Stitch Designs

Kimberly includes instructions for this Ballard variation that are straightforward and concise.

How We Wear It | Ballard Top Back

This Ballard version still includes those awesome sleeve cuffs. I simply rolled the cuffs up a few times to sit right above the elbow. Because of the cuffed sleeves, the sleeves stay put.

Ballard Cuffed Sleeve | Sewing Pattern by Straight Stitch Designs

In addition to the layering tank, we paired our Ballard top with a pair of black skinny jeans and well-worn boots for the perfect casual, fall attire.

Ballard Top Sewing Pattern |

We kept things simple with no accessories, as we wanted to keep the focus on the front gathered neckline and dramatic back feature of the top.

Ballard Top | How We Wear It | How We Wear It: The Ballard Top

It's safe to say there's a new favorite clothing item at the Indiesew HQ. The Ballard top has been sewn up twice already, with plans to sew a third, closed-back version.

Ballard Side Shot | Sewing Pattern by Straight Stitch Designs

If you haven't picked up your copy of the pattern, you can purchase it here. Use our four part sewalong to help you through every single step of the pattern. In a timespan of an afternoon, you'll have a new casual top that will soon become the staple of your wardrobe.

Stay tuned as we round up our favorite Ballard creations tomorrow. And make sure you sign up below to be notified of the latest Indiesew news and updates!

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