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How We Wear It: Taos Top (Plus, our Luxe Rib Knits are back!)

By Allie

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Indiesew Style Post: Taos Top by Threadbear

Spring is starting to show its face here in Boulder and that means it's time to start sewing all the warm-weather clothes! Today's style post is all about the Taos Top, a new sewing pattern by Threadbear that I'll be living in for the foreseeable future.

The Taos Top is a sleeveless knit top with princess seams and the option for a mock turtleneck or cowl neckline. My Taos Top has the hemline of View A and the cowl neckline of View B. This top is sewn in our Brick Red Luxe Rib Knit. (Yes, they're back! Check out all of the Luxe Rib Knits here.)

Taos Top Sewing Pattern | Threadbear Garments

The Taos Top's princess seams set this design apart from other knit tank tops on the market. They create style lines that draw the eye up to the armscye that is finished with knit bands.

Taos Top Front and Back | Indiesew Blog

I've been wearing my Taos Top with my Birkin Flares that I converted to skinny jeans and a pair of Swedish clogs. This super simple outfit checks all the boxes for me: it's comfortable, casual, but still elevated enough to look | How We Wear It: Taos Top by Threadbear

Taos Top Sewing Pattern | Cowl Neck Tank Top

Indiesew Luxe Rib Knits

We're excited to announce today that our 2x1 Luxe Rib Knits have returned in heather grey, red, and admiral blue! We launched these fabrics last summer with the release of the Kila Tank. They have quickly gained a well-deserved reputation for being the high quality substrates that they are.

Indiesew Luxe Rib Knit Fabrics

Our 2x1 Luxe Rib Knits are pill-resistant, have incredible stretch and recovery, and have a soft liquid drape. They are 46% Rayon/46% Polyester/8% Spandex, a blend that creates a textile that will last you for several years (maybe decades?) to come. This fabric can't be beat. 

Here are some samples we've sewn in these fabrics: | Taos Top Sewing Pattern by Threadbear
Helen's Closet
Elliot Sweater | Taos Top Sewing Pattern by Threadbear
Allie Olson
Kila Tank | Taos Top Sewing Pattern by Threadbear
Taos Top | Taos Top Sewing Pattern by Threadbear
True Bias
Nikko Dress


And here are some photos from our Kila Tank photoshoot using the same fabric in each color. | Taos Top Sewing Pattern by Threadbear | Taos Top Sewing Pattern by Threadbear | Taos Top Sewing Pattern by Threadbear


Grab a yard or two for the Taos Top and you'll immediately be able to tell the difference in quality in these fabrics! In an hour or two you'll have a new top you can wear all spring and summer.

Happy sewing!

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