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How We Wear It: Sparrow Top by Liola Patterns

By Allie

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It's the seventh of July and I’m not quite sure where the beginning of this summer went. It was sucked into hours of sewing, blog post writing, grilling, and pool partying. The past month has flown by in what feels like five minutes because I’ve been literally been working hard to play hard. Life is so good.

And because it’s already July, and in the nineties nearly every day here in Colorado, I’ve been living in tank tops. It’s just too hot to wear anything else. The evenings cool down slightly, but still not enough to need any sort of second layer. I kind of love that. Tank tops all day and all night. I’ll take it.

Luckily, I have a few new tops in the wardrobe rotation thanks to Liola Patterns. Both the Sparrow Top and the Ella Top are casual summer tank tops that pair well with skinny jeans, cutoff shorts, or tucked into a high-waisted skirt. This up-and-coming designer has perfected the modern silhouette. An added bonus? French seams, folks. That’s right, both the Sparrow and Ella Top patterns include this fancy seam finish.

Today, I’m showing you how we wear the Sparrow Top around these parts. Denelle, my lovely yogi friend pictured here, is pairing her Sparrow top with a pair of denim skinny jeans and leather sandals. Her neutral jewelry puts the emphasis on the unique tank top details.

Sparrow Top Sewing Pattern | Worn with Leather Sandals

Sparrow Top Back | Liola Sewing Patterns

The Sparrow top’s curved hem flatters hips and booties of all shapes and sizes. The tank’s longer length, and drapey shape allows you to wear a hefty belt under the tank, if needed, without anyone being the wiser.

But what makes The Sparrow Top the most unique tank pattern we’ve seen yet is the contrasting collar. This puppy will turn heads, without a doubt. Sew this collar with two contrasting colors and/or prints to make the biggest impact.

Liola Patterns | Sparrow Top on

But, because we have to give you a night-out-on-the-town option, we’re showing you how the Sparrow Top looks a bit more dressed up, with nude wedges. If evening temperatures dip a bit too low for just a tank top in your area, simply throw a lightweight structured jacket over the Sparrow.

Liola Patterns Sparrow Top | Dressed Up

The Sparrow Top by Liola Designs is definitely a tank top pattern to add to your collection. We can envision a flowy silk print version with a solid color collar. But we really want to see what you come up with! Get your Sparrow Top sewing pattern today and show us what you’ve made!

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Happy sewing!

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