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How We Wear It: Sleeveless Out and About Dress

By Allie

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Indiesew Blog | How We Wear It: The Out and About Dress by Sew Caroline

Remember when I teased you about a sleeveless Out and About Dress…a very long time ago? Like back when I wrote this post on How to Bind a Knit Neckline or this one on How to Gather Knits with Dental Floss? I’m finally showing you it! Despite being the most worn item in my closet this summer, other Indiesew business has kept me from photographing a How We Wear It post. Today is the day folks. Eat your hearts out.

Sew Caroline hit it out of the park with this sewing pattern, and the sewing world is all nodding their heads in unison. The Out and About Dress is where…it’s…at. A knit dress with a fitted bodice and gathered waist make this dress a comfy and 100% functional wardrobe item.

I used Sew Caroline’s tutorial for making a sleeveless Out and About Dress, and it worked perfectly! I used my normal method for binding a knit neckline on the armscyes and I was rocking my new summer dress in just an hour after cutting out the fabric. I used a grey striped, midweight jersey.

There are a few different ways I wear my sleeveless Out and About. If I’m feeling basic (which is most days) I throw on a necklace, maybe some earrings, and a pair of leather sandals and head out the door.

Indiesew Blog | Front view of the sleeveless Out and About Dress by Sew Caroline

Side view of Sew Caroline's Out and About dress pattern | Indiesew Blog

But what’s great about the Out and About Dress is that it’s ideal for layering. Here I’ve thrown my favorite Summer Wrap over the top and belted it with a small, braided belt. My boyfriend can attest that this is the outfit I wear at least three times a week. I’m not ashamed.

Wearing the Out and About Dress with a cardigan | Indiesew

Indiesew Blog | Back view of the sleeveless Out and About Dress with a cardigan

My other favorite way to layer the Out and About Dress is to layer a denim button up shirt of the top. Just tie and tuck the ends under. Just like I did here. Oh the joys of digging up old, cringe-worthy posts. It’s for the readers, right?

Indiesew | How We Wear It: Sew Caroline's Out and About Dress with a Button Up Top

If you’re looking for a comfy summer dress to round out your wardrobe, the Out and About Dress will fit the bill. Once the temperatures start to drop (can that happen soon, please?) make a long-sleeved maxi version. The options are endless, people.

And now you are completely equipped with two tutorials to sew up one of your own, found here and here! The Out and About Dress is a quick project, made even quicker without sleeves. This is likely a project you’ll finish in an afternoon.

What’s that you say? You’ve made one already? Go add your creation to the list and give the sewing world some inspiration!

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