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How We Wear It: Lonetree Rain Jacket

By Allie

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Last fall, in anticipation for my Thanksgiving trip to Portland, I sewed a Lonetree Rain Jacket (modified from the Lonetree Jacket sewing pattern). As I documented my process in those short 15-second Instagram story bursts, a tutorial on the process was requested over and over. I promised to deliver, but had as time passed lot of other conflicting ideas on how to approach this arose for me.

In fact, a lot of time passed. I don't often experience decision paralysis, but when it came to my baby, my first sewing pattern, I just couldn't figure out how to present this make to you. Is it a hack we put on the blog? Do we relaunch the pattern to include this look? How much more will it cost to produce printed copies if we go that route?

My final decision? The modified Lonetree Rain Jacket you see here will be offered as a fully-illustrated tutorial on the blog next Friday, May 10th. The modifications I made to the Lonetree Jacket are quite simple and I think a blog post is the best avenue to present them.

But for now, let's see what the Lonetree Rain Jacket looks like! Outfit details are below.

Lonetree Rain Jacket Hack |


Lonetree Jacket Hood Facing | Indiesew Blog

Lonetree Rain Jacket |

Hooded Lonetree Jacket | Allie Olson

Lined Lonetree Jacket | Allie Olson Sewing Pattern

Underlining the Lonetree Jacket | Indiesew Tutorials

Lonetree Jacket by Allie Olson | Indiesew

Lonetree Jacket Enlarged Pockets | Indiesew Blog

Outfit details:
Jacket: Lonetree Jacket (modified) in sold-out Stone Waterproof Nylon Fabric
Top: Coram Top in Tencel twill
Jeans: Ginger Jeans (View B)
Shoes: Knulp Swedish Clogs

In the blog post next week I'll show you how to make the following changes to the Lonetree Jacket:

  • Underline the bodices with lightweight wool fabric
  • Lengthen the bodices
  • Enlarge the pockets
  • Add more length to the hood
  • Add a hood facing
  • Make a center front overlap with snaps (as opposed to zipper closure)

That may seem like a lot, but the changes were relatively quick and easy to make. There were no complex fitting issues to tackle and omitting the zipper actually made the sewing process much quicker.

My Lonetree Rain Jacket is sewn in this sold-out waterproof fabric. You'll notice that it's pretty bunchy and wrinkled, a result of lots of wear. I probably wouldn't use this fabric for this kind of project again. Instead, I'd look for a waxed canvas or something similar.

The wool underlining keeps me warm when it's chilly out, but not so warm that I sweat while wearing it. The sleeves are unlined so that I could easily slip my arms in and out of the jacket.

Keep in mind, I live in Colorado where it barely ever rains. So while this jacket certainly repels water, it's not totally waterproof because the seams haven't been sealed and the center front snap closure provides an area where water can seep inside. But for our climate it works well for the quick and light drizzle we get a few times per year.

Overall, I'm loving my new rain jacket! Tune back in next Friday for the full tutorial

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