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How We Wear It: Lonetree Jacket and Vest

By Allie

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How We Wear It: Lonetree Jacket and Vest by Allie Olson

A few weeks ago we wrapped up the 12-part Lonetree Sewalong. I had intended to photograph my pink Lonetree Jacket and olive tencel Lonetree Vest right away. But life got really busy. I flew to Montana, completed testing on my next pattern, and prepped for an upcoming destination photoshoot.

But nearly every day I've been wearing my Lonetree Jacket or Vest thinking, "I really need to photograph these before I spill something on one of them." (That's a common occurrence for me.) So, it's finally happening.


The Pink Lonetree Jacket

Allie Olson sewing pattern | Lonetree Jacket

This color is 100% out of my comfort zone and I absolutely love it. I used this sold-out Mauve Pink Stretch Broadcloth and turned out to be the perfect substrate for this jacket. The 20% stretch makes it so comfortable that I often find myself wearing it all day long, even inside. 

Lonetree Jacket |

I sewed this version without a hood and I think it's my new favorite view of the Lonetree. 

Lonetree Jacket by Allie Olson |

I've been wearing my Lonetree Jacket with a Seamly Basic Tee underneath sewn in our Heathered Grey Modal Rib Knit. With a pair of light-colored skinny jeans (boyfriend jeans look great too!), this is an easy casual weekday outfit. If I'm going out at night, I'll throw on some clogs with a heel.

Lonetree Jacket by Allie Olson | How We Wear It


The Olive Tencel Lonetree Vest

My Lonetree Vest is getting equal amounts of wear. This fabric creates an entirely different look to this design. The drapey Olive Green Tencel Twill makes the jacket hang a bit closer to the body.

Olive Green Lonetree Vest |

I'm not entirely sold on the vest with the hood, to be honest. I'm big on form following function, and I'm not sure a hood makes sense on a garment with no sleeves. But I'm sure I'll still wear this often.

If you're on the fence about sewing your own spring Lonetree Jacket or Vest, check out our 12-part Lonetree Sewalong that will lead you through the step-by-step process.

Have you already sewn your own Lonetree Jacket or Vest? Upload your creation and share some inspiration with the sewing community!

Happy sewing!

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