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How We Wear It: Lander Pant

By Allie

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Indiesew | How We Wear It: Lander Pant
If you’ve been following along with our Instagram stories, then you know how much I love the Lander Pant sewing pattern by True Bias. I’ve been coveting the Kamm Pants for years, but haven’t been able to swallow the $400 price tag. When Kelli released this high-waisted, button fly design, I was immediately sold.
Lander Pants Sewing Pattern by True Bias
When I say I love these pants, what I’m really saying is that I find it hard to refrain from wearing them every single day. I settle for three glorious days of Lander wear per week. I have larger hips in comparison to my waist, so the high rise of these pants feels great on my body (no muffin-top!). The snug fit through the hips is super flattering and does a great job to offset the volume in the leg from the hip down.
My Lander Pants are sewn in a 9-ounce navy blue twill chino with a tiny bit of stretch (less than 10%). It's actually the fabric from our Navy Lonetree Kits. A word of warning though, this design is meant for fabrics with no stretch. But because I was able to try on Kelli’s samples, I knew the size 6 was the perfect snug fit for me. The stretch in this fabric only enhanced the comfort of these pants.
I do recommend that you sew a muslin of your Lander Pant in a fabric with no stretch to assess fit. If you’re in between sizes, you might consider sizing down and using a fabric with some give if you don’t mind a snug fit through the hips. Our Hearth Cotton Sateen would sew up into a beautiful pair of Lander Pants, which is next on my to-sew list.
I used four jeans buttons for the button fly, and I love how the utilitarian buttons add to the look of the pants. For those who have never sewn a pants fly before, a button fly is much easier and quicker than a zip fly! The Lander Pant would be a great sewing pattern for a beginner sewist who wants to get into pants sewing.
I cropped the legs so they're between View B and View C. I wanted the hem of the pant to hit right at my ankle break (I’m 5’6”), so that I can wear them all-year round. The deep 3” hem is quite possibly my favorite design element of the Lander.
Because I’m wearing these pants nonstop, I’ve had ample opportunity to play around with styling. For casual days, I wear my Lander Pants with a grey rib knit Union St Tee (learn about the updated version here!) tucked in the front. I’ll throw on my vintage oxblood leather jacket when I head outside. My Clarks ankle boots are just the right height to look good with the cropped length.
Indiesew | How We Wear the Lander Pants
Lander Pant Outfit | Indiesew Blog
Outfit Details:
Top: Union St Tee sewn in our sold-out Heather Grey Rib Knit
Bottoms: Lander Pant sewn in 9-ounce Navy Twill Chino
Jacket: Vintage Leather Jacket from Starlet Vintage
Bracelets: Leather cuffs (similar at Flourish Leather)
But perhaps my favorite way to wear my Lander Pants is with a bold-print boho blouse. The Roscoe Blouse, another True Bias pattern, is a nearly identical design to the top I'm wearing below. I’m also wearing my Knulp Swedish clogs that I adore.
Lander Pant with Boho Blouse | Indiesew Style Post
 Outfit Details:
Top: thrifted boho blouse (Roscoe Blouse is a great sub!)
Bottoms: Lander Pant sewn in 9-ounce Navy Twill Chino
Shoes: Knulp Clogs (similar here)
Loose fitting button-up shirts also look great half-tucked into the Lander Pants. This is a vintage silk blouse, but the Archer or Bonn shirts would also look great with this design.
Lander Pant with Buttonup Shirt | Indiesew
Altogether now, here’s my weekly rotation of Lander Pant outfits:
Lander Pants styled three ways. |
I’ll be wearing these pants well into the summer paired with leather sandals and a handmade tank top. A pair of Lander Shorts is on the horizon too!
Have you sewn the Lander Pants? We’d love to see them! Upload your Lander Pant creation and provide some inspiration to our sewing community.
Happy sewing!

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