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How We Wear It: Indigo Dyed Biscayne

By Allie

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Last week, I dyed fabric and sewed garments for four glorious days straight. Then, I wrote a simple tutorial on how to indigo dye your own fabric. I talked about a few different shibori techniques my mom and sister used to dye fun geometric designs into their fabric. I also played around with dip dyeing and showed you the result of that. I’m missing every moment of those few creativity fueled days at the lake.
I also hinted about a garment that I sewed up using dyed fabric, and I even showed you a little sneak peek. Today is the full reveal, folks. I’m so excited to unveil my indigo dyed Biscayne Blouse!
Biscayne Blouse Sewing Pattern | Hey June
During our shibori experiment, I wrapped some fabric around paint stirrers and secured it with rubber bands, like so:
Fabric Prepped for Shibori Dyeing | Indiesew Blog
The resulting design is pictured below. In this photo the indigo dye was not yet oxidized, hence the slightly green color.
Indigo Dyed Fabric | Indiesew Tutorials
After the fabric dried on the line, I rinsed it well and dried it in a medium tumble dry cycle. A bit of the dye washed out leaving the design a beautiful, light blue color.
Next, I ironed the fabric and cut out my Biscayne pattern pieces, being careful to line up the pattern at the side seams.
Cutting out Biscayne Blouse |
Then, I spent a few hours in front of my sewing machine and transformed my custom indigo dyed fabric into my new favorite summer top.
If you haven’t heard, Hey June recently released a great new women's sewing pattern. The Biscayne Blouse is a woven blouse with a relaxed fit, perfect for hot summer days. This top has a hidden button placket (it's so nifty), optional chest pocket, and shaped neckband.  The design features slight gathering on both sides of the front collar and also at the center back neckline.
Indiesew Blog | Biscayne Blouse Neckline Detail
Having modeled for the Biscayne pattern cover, I knew what size would fit me well. I added about 3/4” length to both the front and back of this top, keeping the curved hem.
Indiesew Style Post | How We Wear It: Biscayne Blouse
I also used bias tape to bind the hem of the shirt for a finished look. For curved hems on woven garments, this method just works for me.
Front Detail | Bicayne Blouse by Hey June
My fabric was a lightweight, off-white cotton/silk blend from The Fabric Store in LA. Before the fabric was dyed, it was very sheer, which had me convinced that I'd need a lining for this top. But once the indigo dye seeped into the fabric it was apparent that I could get by without one.
I've paired the blouse with my favorite jeans and a pair of leather sandals. It's the easiest summer outfit possible, but it still looks pulled together.
 Biscayne Blouse Sewing Pattern | Hey June Handmade
There are more Biscayne blouses in my future and, without a doubt, more indigo dyeing too. The process of creating a garment with custom printed fabric is 100% my jam. When I designed a Spoonflower print, I got a fun taste of being a surface designer and having my designs digitally printed. But when I created my own shibori design, I felt like even more of a maker. Now, I want to dye all the things.
It can be hard to keep up your sewing hobby in the hot months of summer. If you're jonesing for some creative time but can't stand the thought of turning on your iron, host a dyeing party! A fun project like this will let you stay outdoors while still creating something especially for your next sewing project. And if you do, don't forget to show us what you made by uploading your creations!
Happy sewing!

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