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How We Wear It: Gathered Back Top

By Allie

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How We Wear It: Gathered Back Top by Indygo Junction

The blouse I’m showing you today is one that I’ve wanted to feature on the blog for a while. It’s one of those sewing patterns that doesn’t get much attention, but has an unexpected element that makes it a super unique design. Today I’m showing you how I wear (and why I love) the Gathered Back Top by Indygo Junction.

The Gathered Back Top is a woven blouse with 3/4 sleeves, bust darts, and two different lengths (mid-hip and mid-thigh). But the design feature that initially caught my eye on this top was the gathered seam at the center back. The horizontal line of gathers provides shape to the back of the garment that is really flattering when looking at both the side and back of this top.

Gathered Back Top Sewing Pattern | Indygo Junction

But first, just a note about Indygo Junction sewing patterns: theirs are a bit different than most indie patterns on the market. Indygo Junction has been around for 26+ years, so they were one of the first companies to create digital sewing patterns. Their patterns don’t include many illustrations, so they’re more suited for the intermediate or advanced sewist. And they’re not digitized in the same way you might be used to, with lots of hand-sketched diagrams included. I didn’t mind the different format at all, and the top came together really easily, so I recommend them to those who have sewing experience.

I sewed the mid-hip version in our sold-out Snack Time Blue Rayon Challis and it was the ideal fabric for the Gathered Back Top. While the pattern indicates that quilting cotton and voile are suitable substrates, I like this silhouette when sewn in a drapey fabric. Cotton + Steel’s rayon turned out to be the perfect weight and hand.

Gathered Back Top | Indiesew Blog


The sleeves on this top have a very relaxed fit. The scoop neckline is flattering and, for me, the darts are perfectly placed. Because I have narrow shoulders, I would probably make an adjustment next time on the shoulder width, but otherwise I’m very pleased with how this top fits.

Indiesew Style Post | Gathered Back Top Sewing Pattern

Since I’m a jeans and blouse girl, all day every day, this outfit won’t be too surprising for you. I pulled on my favorite super-stretchy black skinny jeans and the black wedges I wear all the time.

I think the mid-thigh version would look lovely worn with leggings and sandals for casual, comfortable look. And luckily we have three fabrics that are perfect for this design in the Indiesew Fabric Shop! Sew your own Gathered Back Blouse in our one of our rayon denim shirtings for a soft and flowy garment. 

Rayon Denim Shirting Fabric | Indiesew

We’ll be back next week with a fun and simple tutorial that makes great holiday gifts, so stay tuned! 

Happy sewing!

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