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How We Wear It: Frisco

By Allie

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How We Wear It: Frisco Jumpsuit by Threadbear

There's a design that I've been wearing all summer long, multiple times per week, that I haven't been able to tell you about. It's been worn to music festivals, farmers markets, and to the office many times. It is without a doubt, my favorite thing to wear in this current moment.

It's, of course, the Frisco Jumpsuit and Tank by Threadbear. Leslie has been working on this design for many months, and I have been able to peek at her behind-the-scenes process. I tried on one of the first muslins she sewed when I visited her in Kansas in April. And I (not-so) patiently waited for her to release it so I could sew my own. Luckily, it's now available for the masses!

I actually sewed this Navy Rayon Twill (sold-out, but we'll try to restock!) version before the pattern was released. I had a weekend-long music festival to attend and I knew this design would be perfect for the hot Colorado weather. And since then? It's been in the wash every single week because I wear it so much.

Frisco is an apron-style jumpsuit or tank top with a princess seam bodice. The jumpsuit has a wide-leg pant and an elasticated waist cinched by d-rings. The hip-length tank top (see mine below) has a functional button placket.

Frisco Sewing Pattern | Line Drawings

Frisco Jumpsuit Sewing Pattern | Style Post on

My measurements at the time of sewing this were roughly 33/26/38 and I sewed the straight size 6. Since this jumpsuit has to pull up over your hips and bust, you'll want to sew the size that most closely aligns with your largest measurement to ensure you can pull it on. 

Navy Rayon Jumpsuit | Indiesew DIY Fashion

This 5-ounce rayon twill fabric turned out to be the ideal choice for this pattern. It's totally opaque, has a heavy drape, but is still super breathable for hot weather. Since washing it so much, it has faded a bit in the wash to a lovely muted navy blue with some wear lines. I absolutely love how the fabric has aged.

Threadbear | Frisco Jumpsuit Sewing Pattern

Since the Frisco Jumpsuit is an all-in-one garment, my styling has been very minimal. I typically wear a simple necklace and a big sun hat. For shoes, I typically wear strappy leather sandals or my Chacos.

But the Frisco sewing pattern is basically two entirely different designs for the price of one! There's also a button-front tank top included that I absolutely adore.

Frisco Tank Top | Sewing Pattern by Threadbear

I sewed this version out of our Turquoise Plaid Cotton Shirting and I love the pop of color it has added to my wardrobe. The tank top has lovely shaping (no elastic in the back) and fits me like a glove.

Plaid Frisco Tank Top | Pattern at

This is a great tank top to wear with skinny jeans, but I'm also envisioning it tucked into a pair of Persephone Pants. It was super fun to sew (like shirt-making without the pain of sewing a collar!).

Overall, I'm thrilled with both my Frisco Jumpsuit and Tank Top and both are getting repeated wear during this hot Colorado summer. The drafting on both designs is excellent, and the written instructions are comprehensive. An adventurous beginner can definitely tackle both views!

Happy sewing!

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