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How We Wear It: Chi-Town Chino Skirt

By Aimee Elise

I’m Aimee. When I’m not sitting at my sewing machine, I’m most likely working as a microbiologist. I enjoy reading, outdoor adventures, and saying yes to amazing experiences.

Indiesew | How We Wear It: Chi-Town Chino Skirt

If you’ve followed along with the blog the past few days, you’re likely aware that Allie and I are showcasing how we style skirts for fall. (If you are just catching up, make sure you check out our inspiration post and see how Allie styled her Syrah maxi skirt.)

For me, style has always been an equal mix of experimenting and trying to replicate looks I’ve seen on TV or in magazines. Even though I’m focused on building a long-lasting, style-conscious wardrobe, I sometimes get bored and feel uninspired by my clothes. I don’t always have the time to make something new and I can’t always afford to buy something.

This is when I turn to mixing both colors and textures, as well as layering. To me, doing this makes a garment feel exciting again. Fall and winter are great times to try out layering your clothing, plus you’ll keep warm in cool temperatures!

Today, I’m showing you two ways I wear our newest pattern, the Chi-Town Chinos Pattern. This design is actually a shorts pattern with a skirt option from Alina Design Co. Both the shorts and skirt version have side seam pockets, a variety of back pocket options, a fly-front zipper, and instructions to finish your inner seams with bias tape if you want. Here are a few close-ups of the skirt in action.

Chi-Town Chino Skirt | Sewing Pattern by Alina Design Co.

I’ve paired this mid-rise mini skirt with a pair of textured tights and a long-sleeve, thin sweater that I’ve tucked in. Tucking a top into a waistband is an easy way to define your waistline and provides a slim silhouette that dresses up the outfit. I chose to keep this look more casual by pairing it with a lighter color of tights and boots with no heel. Paired with a heel and a blazer, this outfit would feel much dressier.

Indiesew Blog | Chi-Town Chino Skirt Front

Adding a jacket, throwing on a bulkier sweater, or trying a different shoe could make this outfit more casual. For late winter, I would sub in a pair of wool tights and a heavier sweater and scarf to keep the chill at bay.

DIY Mini Skirt |

My second look is a slouchy tissue-knit tee ‘sloppily’ tucked into the waist of the skirt. I’ve paired it with a coordinating scarf. I can see myself wearing this with my black leather jacket and sitting on a park bench watching leaves fall and eating a pastry (my favorite are Kouign-Amann).

How We Wear It: Chi-Town Chino Skirt for Fall

I would also wear this skirt with a slim-fitting chambray button-up underneath a sweater and a tall brown boots for a preppy feel.

Chi Town Chinos Skirt by Alina Design Co.

I am by no means a magical stylist. There have been plenty of times an idea seemed wearable in my head but it just doesn’t come together like I imagined. If I were to offer any advice for fall styling, it would be to try things out, be willing to laugh at yourself, and wear things that make you comfortable and happy without any other concerns.

Don’t forget that all skirt patterns are 15% off through Friday. Use the coupon code FALL4SKIRTS at checkout!

Happy sewing!

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