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How We Wear It: Cheyenne Tunic by Hey June

By Allie

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How We Wear It: Cheyenne Tunic by Hey June

If I could wear a flannel button-up shirt every day between the months of November and February, I would. It would require about ten more button-up shirts to be sewn and added to my closet, but honestly, I’m well on my way. My latest lumberjack-esque creation is the Cheyenne Tunic (View A) by Hey June and I love it so much. | DIY Buttonup Shirt

If you haven’t tried a Hey June pattern yet, get on it. There’s a reason why Adrianna, the designer, has at least three patterns in our top 10 lists every year. In fact, the Cheyenne took fourth place in 2016

Adrianna is a self-taught, pattern-making pro and has a knack for clear, concise instructions. She’s an expert at fit, so her designs often flatter all body types with few modifications. The Cheyenne Tunic is no exception. | Plaid Flannel Cheyenne Tunic

This design features two very different views. View A is a classic button-up shirt with all the bells and whistles. A lined yoke, tower plackets and sleeve cuffs make this a great intermediate project that you’ll feel insanely proud of when finished.

View B is a darling popover with a half placket and stand collar. I modeled this red plaid version for Adrianna when the pattern was launched and loved the relaxed fit of the design.

Cheyenne Tunic Sewing Pattern | View A

And did I mention that both views are French seamed? Even the armhole seams show off this professional finish. I don’t normally spend time on French seams, but the guts of this garment have convinced me to start. The top feels more durable with all those raw edges enclosed in the seams. I’m guessing it will last for many years to come.

French Seams on the Cheyenne Tunic

I sewed my Cheyenne Tunic in this Robert Kaufman Mammoth Flannel. The fabric is pretty thick and felted, so I didn’t interface any of the pattern pieces that typically need more stability. The result is a super cozy top that I’ll likely wear at least once per week.

I'm wearing the top with the jeans I replicated from my favorite pair of ready-to-wear jeans. You can learn the process in our Sew Your Favorite Jeans workshop!

Robert Kaufman Mammoth Flannel | Cheyenne Tunic

The only modifications I made to my Cheyenne were to the button placket and pocket placement. I didn't have enough fabric to stripe match the button placket (or cut it on the bias), so I pressed those pieces towards the inside and topstitched.

I also placed the pockets a bit higher than the pattern instructs. I sewed a size larger than my measurements  because I really wanted this to be oversized and cozy. Mission accomplished!

Hey June | Plaid Flannel Cheyenne Tunic

If you’re a beginner sewist, ready to tackle a tougher project, the Cheyenne Tunic is a great place to start. The instructions include illustrations for every step of the process so you won’t be left guessing at any point.

My next Cheyenne will be a drapey denim version in our Blue Dot Rayon Denim Shirting. I’m excited to get started!

Happy sewing!

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