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How We Wear It: Caravan Tote and North Pond Notebook Cover

By Allie

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Caravan Tote and North Pond Notebook Cover |

For months now, I’ve been thinking that I need a new handbag. I’m usually only carrying my wallet, phone, and a pair of sunglasses, but lately I’ve been also keeping a notebook on me to jot down ideas or important information. To juggle all three of those things without a generously sized, stylish vessel is just annoying. I attempt to do so every time I left the house, and inevitably one of these items does not make it back inside with me. 

So I sat down and looked through the multitude of handbag sewing patterns that were available. I kept coming back to Noodlehead’s simplistic style. I love that Anna Graham's designs, paired with some neutral fabrics, create accessories that don’t look “handmade” at all. 

I decided on the Caravan Tote, which we weren’t currently selling. One quick email and Anna said she’d love to add it to the Indiesew lineup; and the pattern was in my inbox the next day. I quickly got to work cutting out my fabric and interfacing the necessary pieces.

Then I wrote three sewing patterns in three weeks for the Seamly Summer Collection all while closing on and moving into a new house. The Caravan Tote sat neglected and forgotten for many weeks, packed up in a poorly labeled box. Once we were semi-settled into the new house, I spent about an hour hunting down those pattern pieces and finished sewing the tote in about a day.

This bag is, without a doubt, my favorite handmade handbag to date. I used our Light Blue Selvage Denim (sadly, sold out) for the base of the bag and some thrifted upholstery fabric for the contrast accents. The lining is a vintage striped fabric I thrifted many years ago. The handles are leather straps from AllLeatherSupplies and I bought the large metal zipper from ZipperIsland. The result is a hefty handbag that looks great with my casual day-to-day attire.

Caravan Tote by Noodlehead | Available at

But let’s talk about the details. The Caravan Tote is a sturdy bag with multiple interior pockets and an exterior zipper pocket. The design is really geared towards knitters, with pockets for knitting needles. The interior features a good-sized pocket with grommets, perfect to pull yarn through when knitting. The small exterior pocket is perfect for keeping your phone handy.

Caravan Tote Details | Sewing Pattern by Noodlehead

This pattern also includes a zippered pouch for stashing the essentials. I have mine cut out and ready to sew, with plans to use it as a makeup bag. I love that the design mirrors elements of the Caravan Tote so that the two coordinate perfectly.

But possibly the best part of the Caravan Tote sewing pattern? It’s a great complement to my new North Pond Notebook Cover. The newest pattern from Radiant Home Studio is exactly what I’ve been looking for in a notebook cover.

Caravan Tote paired with North Pond Notebook Cover

Also wearing the Vallynne Tank here.

Because I take a lot of notes when I source fabric in LA, or when I’m in my garden, I needed a notebook cover that would keep my notebooks protected from floating around in the bottom of the Caravan Tote. This design comes in two sizes (the most common small notebook dimensions sold here in the US), and has interior pockets for pens and cards.

North Pond Notebook Cover | Pattern by Radiant Home Studio

North Pond Notebook Cover details

I’ve been using this covered notebook daily. I write the immediate tasks I need to get done for each day, and long-term to-dos. Aimee and I come up with new ideas for Indiesew and they all get jotted down. This notebook as been integral in my daily organization and it is because of this cover. I mean, something handmade is way more fun to use, right?

These two accessories, paired together, are great for the busy woman who needs to carry the essentials. Both are well-thought-out designs that will fit right into your daily routine and look chic and stylish at the same time.

Sew your Caravan Tote and North Pond Notebook Cover in a durable fabric that can withstand lots of wear and tear. A waxed canvas would be lovely for both designs, with a contrasting lining for interest.

We’ll be back later this week detailing the great sewing patterns we added to the shop in June!

Happy sewing! 

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