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How We Wear It: Bonn Shirt

By Allie

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Indiesew Blog | How We Wear the Bonn Shirt

I’ve got a thing for relaxed, buttoned blouses. Archer, Beatrix, and Cheyenne all get regular wear around these parts. Since I don’t have to put on office attire every morning, a buttoned blouse makes me feel more put-together than a tired tee and jeans.

When I first saw the Bonn Shirt and Dress, I knew instantly that I would love this top. Not only does Kennis, the designer, create some of the most high-quality sewing patterns I’ve ever seen, she also includes pattern pieces for different cup sizes. You’re basically guaranteed a perfect fit. And the Bonn Shirt did not disappoint. Today, I’m showing you how I wear the shirt that I’ve worn three consecutive days now.

Before we get into it, though, let’s talk about this fabric. I know so many of you are smitten with this Carnelian Abstract Floral Crepe (I used the wrong side for this top) that is sadly sold out. It’s unlikely you’ll find it elsewhere, as it was overstock fabric and we bought all that was remaining. If you want to have first grabs at our future fabric batches, sign up for our newsletter

I sewed the size 2 (B cup) of this pattern with 3/4 sleeves. I omitted the small cuff band and added elastic into my sleeve hems for a similar effect.


Untucked and Casual

Bonn Shirt by Itch to Stitch | Casual

This is how I wear my Bonn Shirt most days. When paired with my super stretchy black skinny jeans I can sit at my desk, take photos, sew, and pack orders without feeling uncomfortable for even a moment.

I love the curved hem of this top, and with my 3/4 elastic-hem sleeves I don’t have to constantly push my sleeves up. I throw on some wedges when I run to the post office or meet someone for coffee. For me, this outfit is a total no brainer.


70's Drama

Bonn Shirt with Flared Jeans | Sewing Pattern by Itch to Stitch

Oh how I love my Birkin Flares. And with this blouse? Well, it’s total 70’s perfection. I tuck the front of the Bonn Shirt into these high-waisted jeans and throw on my favorite leather boots.

I’d wear this outfit out to dinner or to the farmers market. It’s still casual, but with a little bit more drama.


Office Attire

Office Appropriate Bonn Shirt | Indiesew Blog

If I had an office job, I would wear the Bonn Shirt tucked into a pencil skirt. I absolutely love the relaxed fit of this top with a really fitted skirt.

Throw on some pumps and simple jewelry and you’ll impress all of your coworkers. The best part of the Bonn Shirt is that the V-neck isn’t too low, so it’s totally work appropriate.

The Bonn Shirt is part of the 2016 Fall/Winter Collection. Save 25% on the individual patterns when you buy the full bundle!

 Happy sewing!

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