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How to Turn Fabric Tubes the Easy Way

By Allie

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Indiesew Tutorials | How to Turn Small Fabric Tubes the Easy Way

This summer, I've been turning a lot of itsy-bitsy little fabric tubes right side out. I sewed this Ogden Cami slip dress and the silk Ogden Cami you see in this post. And I quickly started to get really frustrated with the process of trying to shove a long strip of fabric through a 3/8" opening. If you've been there, you know.

My methods for turning tubes of fabric have run the gamut. In the past, I've fished a safety pin through fabric tubes, used a knitting needle and a metal straw to push the fabric through, but neither method was all that fast or effective. So, this spring I went on the hunt for a tool to make it easier.

After a quick Amazon search, I found the Fasturn Fabric Tube Turner and decided to order it despite what felt like a hefty price tag. After the first use, I was converted. A measly $45 was nothing compared to the time and frustration I endured turning tubes using my old methods. So, I thought I'd share the knowledge with you and a little tutorial on how this nifty tool works!

P.S. We have no affiliation with this brand, just love the product.

First, here's what you get when you buy the Fasturn Fabric Tube Turner:

Fasturn Fabric Tube Turner | Indiesew

All those pieces may look a bit intimidating at first, but this comprehensive set of six metal cylinders and three wires will set you up to turn any size tube, even the tiniest spaghetti straps. The package comes with a set of instructions for cutting and sewing bias strips and turning your fabric tubes.

For the tutorial below, I'm demonstrating on the width of strap that the Ogden Cami is designed for, so you can see which metal tube and wire I used to turn my straps right side out.

First, cut your straps as the sewing pattern indicates.

Strips of Fabric for Spaghetti Straps |

Press the strap in half, right sides together with the long raw edges aligned.

Press fabric strips right sides together. | Indiesew Blog

Sew the strap with the seam allowances indicated. Press the strap and trim the seam allowances down to 1/8".

Sew and trim fabric tube. | Sewing Tutorials

Now, insert the largest metal cylinder into the fabric tube as possible that the fabric will still slide easily over.

Insert metal tube into straps. | Fast Turn Fabric Turner

Scrunch the fabric down over the tube. Then, insert the wire into the tube.

Insert Metal Wire Into Tube | How to Turn Spaghetti Straps

Fold the end of the fabric tube over the end of the cylinder and poke the wire through the fabric. Twist the metal wire to the right and gently pull the wire out of the tube, while scrunching the fabric up over the tube.

Excuse my dirty fingernails, I had been gardening the morning these photos were taken.

Pull fabric into metal tube with wire. |

Here's what that process looks like in video form:

Continue to pull the fabric tube all the way through the cylinder until it comes out the end. Press the tube flat.

Press strap flat. | How to Sew Ogden Cami Straps

That's it! Turning tubes this way takes less than a minute for each tube and is much less frustrating than other methods I've tried. Grab a Fasturn Fabric Tube Turner for yourself and you'll see how much easier it makes this task!

Happy sewing!

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