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How to Sew With Pom Pom Fringe

By Allie

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How to Sew with Pom Pom Fringe | Indiesew Tutorial

While not very technical, a tutorial on sewing with pom pom fringe had to be written. You will, no doubt, go through a pom-pom phase and we hope this quick reference provides just the guidance you need to kick off your obsession. I’m in the thick of my pom pom fringe phase right now and those cheerful balls of fiber are bringing me so much joy.

My first foray into pom pom fringe was just a few months ago when I sewed my black pom pom fringed scarf and I found online resources to be seriously lacking. This tutorial is a product of my trial and error. I encourage you to experiment with techniques that work best for you when attaching pom pom fringe to everything you own.

The tutorial below works best for pom pom fringe that is sandwiched between two layers of fabric and is ideal for pillows, scarves, and accents on clothing.

Prepare your Pom Pom Fringe

Measure enough pom pom fringe to line the edge of your scarf, pillow or other item. For this demonstration, I’m sewing pom pom fringe onto my Cowl for a fun, festive look. I’ve simply measured enough pom-pom fringe to line the length of my cowl on one side (folded in half in the image below).

Measure Pom-Pom Fringe | Blog

Now, press the webbing that the individual pom poms are attached to so that entire length of the webbing lies flat. Make sure not to press the individual pom poms.

Iron Pom Pom Fringe | How to Sew With Pom Pom Fringe

Next, measure the width of the webbing and write that number down. The width of my webbing for this ½” pom pom trim was ¼”.

Measure Pom Pom Webbing | Indiesew Sewing Tutorials

Spread your fabric out so that the right side is facing you. Place your pom pom trim on top so that the pom poms are towards the middle of the cowl and the webbing is aligned with the raw edge of the fabric. Make sure that the webbing isn’t twisted and that the pom poms are hanging straight down. | Align Pom Pom Fringe on Fabric

Lay your second piece of fabric right sides together on top of your pom pom trim and pin. If you’re a seasoned sewist who prefers not to sew with pins, please skip to the next section.

Pinned Pom Pom Trim | How to Sew with Pom Pom Fringe

Sew your Pom Pom Fringe

Now bring your pom pom and fabric "sandwich" over to your sewing machine. Attach your machine’s zipper foot so that you can sew closely to the pom poms without sewing over them. Stitch along the length of your fabric, using a seam allowance ⅛” wider than the width of your pom pom’s webbing. This will ensure that the webbing is not visible from the right side of the fabric. Here I’m sewing with a ⅜” seam allowance.

Sewing Pom Pom Fringe | Indiesew Blog

Sew the entire length of your item slowly, making sure to align the pom pom fringe with the raw edges of fabric as you go. If your pom pom trim has lots of stretch, you may end up with extra pom pom fringe at the end. Simply trim off the extra. Repeat the process for any remaining seams.

Your sewn item, inside out, should look like this:

Sewn Pom Poms, Wrong Side | Sewing Techniques

Finish Your Pom Pom Fringe

Now turn your item right side out. Your pretty pom-poms should look similar to this.

Finished Pom Pom Trim Cowl |

You have the choice to press your pom pom seams for your desired look. Since I wanted my cowl to have lots of volume I opted for un-pressed seams.

If you'd like your finished item to have a nice crisp seam (especially for a pillow or blanket), I recommend pressing your seams like you normally would, being careful not to press the individual pom poms.

Press Pom Pom Seam | Blog

Ta da! A pom pom happy dance can now ensue!

Pom Pom Scarf or Cowl |

So the burning question: where should you buy your pom pom fringe? First check your local, independent fabric stores for high quality pom pom fringe. I purchased this white fringe from my local fabric store for around $2 or $3 per yard.

If pom pom fringe is unavailable from an independent retailer, there are some great online vendors that carry a wide selection of pom pom fringe. They are:

So you want to attach a little party onto your own clothing? We think some small pom pom trim would look great on the yoke of the Ruby Tank and around the collar of the Sparrow Top! Would you like to ease into pom pom fringe with a cowl like mine? You can enter the Scarves and Cowls Sewing Pattern Giveaway to win a copy of the pattern for yourself. But hurry! The contest ends at 10pm MST tomorrow night (Friday, December 12th)!

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