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How to Sew an Ogden Cami Slip Dress

By Allie

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A sewing project entered my mind on Monday and by the end of the day Tuesday I had the finished item in hand, exactly how I imagined it. It rarely happens this way for me, I usually sit on sewing ideas for months, even years. Eventually they get replaced with other ideas and leave my brain altogether.

But the pattern hack I had in mind was really simple. I had a maxi dress (the Lottie Dress, in fact) that I never wore, but loved the blue Tencel denim fabric. So, I decided to go ahead and give my idea some wings by cutting  the dress apart and creating an Ogden Cami slip dress with the fabric.

Lately nothing at all feminine is appealing to me, in terms of fashion. I haven't been drawn to fit-and-flare silhouettes (my old standby). Instead, I've been craving really simple looks, solid colors, and oversized designs that will keep me cool in the summer.

I've been stalking Pinterest for summer dress ideas that feel like me. And this slip dress from And Other Stories keeps popping up in my searches. I love its lack of shaping; how the dress falls from the bust down in a straight line. It's exactly what I want to wear all summer.

This Ogden Cami slip dress took me about two hours from start to finish (a tutorial is at the bottom of this post). And I couldn't be happier with out it turned out!

Ogden Cami by True Bias | Dress Hack Tutorial

Indiesew Sewing Tutorials | Ogden Cami Midi Slip Dress

Racerback Ogden Cami Modification | Indiesew Blog

Tencel Ogden Cami | Slip Dress Tutorial on


My favorite part of this project is the slight racerback design of the back bodice. I have narrow, sloping shoulders so spaghetti straps are always falling down. This design keeps them up and feels really secure.

Want to make one for yourself? Here's what I did:

How to Sew an Ogden Cami Slip Dress

These are the changes I made to the original Ogden Cami design (diagram below):

  • Lengthened the cami so that it's 44" from the center front v-neck to the hem.
  • Changed the shaping of the back bodice to be more of a racerback design.
  • Slimmed the width of the cami through the waist and hips so there's just 1" of ease through the hips. (And changed the shape of the partial lining pattern pieces to reflect these changes.)
  • Cut the straps extra long so I could adjust the length as needed.
  • Added a 15" slit so I can walk in the dress.

Here's a diagram to illustrate those changes. Please note that these are not the exact pattern pieces from the Ogden Cami pattern, but rather a quick line drawing I made in Illustrator. Your pattern pieces may look slightly different.

Indiesew Sewing Projects | Ogden Cami Slip Dress Hack

After you make the above drafting changes the dress can be sewn using the Ogden Cami instructions. But here are a few things to note:

  • I cut my spaghetti straps extra long to ensure I would have enough length for the modified design. After I completed step 4, I tried the dress on and decided how long they should be and cut them accordingly.
  • The center back racerback straight edge can be sewn at step 7 when the lining is sewn to the bodices. Just be sure to leave 1/2" open at each edge for attaching the straps.
  • When sewing the side seams, stop at the slit notches and back stitch well. The slit edges can be hemmed using a double fold technique.

That's it! This Ogden Cami hack is super quick and easy, but will be a dress that I will be living in when our temperatures start to soar later this summer.

Want to make one yourself? Grab a copy of the Ogden Cami sewing pattern and upload your creation when you're finished so we can see it!

Happy sewing!

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