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How to Add Your Creations to Indiesew

By Steve

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Select ADD MY CREATION from the product page

One of the most exciting parts about being an Indiesew creator is the ability to share what you’ve sewn with your friends and family. Even better is that it’s easy and quick to do! This post will walk you through the steps required to upload your creations to Indiesew. As an example, I’m going to upload a creation for Sew Caroline’s Out and About Dress using images from Erin Sewbon’s post: Out and About Dress.

First, you’ll need an account and to be signed in. So if you’re not signed in yet, you can head over to the sign in page or create an account, if needed. Next, go to the shop and navigate to the product page for the creation you want to add. For this example, I’ll go to the Out and About Dress Product Page and click on “ADD MY CREATION”, as shown in the image above.

Now you’re on the Add Your Creation page, which is where the bulk of the work needs to be done. The Add Your Creation page looks something like the following:

The start of the Add My Creation process

The first step is to upload your photos. You can either drag & drop the photos from your computer onto the gray box in the middle, or you can click the box to get the familiar interface to select your files from your computer. Once your files are uploaded, you’ll see little preview boxes and green check marks to let you know that everything went okay, like this:

Successful image upload for my creation

Once you’re done uploading images, click on “PROCEED TO STEP 2”. In Step 2, you’ll be able to re-order your images, set the crop for the image previews, add your story and other information about your creation.

You’ll now see a box for each image that you’ve uploaded, with the preview displayed. On your finished creation page, the full image that you uploaded is shown in the gallery. Also, each image will have a preview that’s cropped to a portrait with a 4x6 aspect ratio. If you want to adjust the image preview, click on “EDIT IMAGE PREVIEW”. For this example, I’m going to edit the preview for one of the images because Erin is right in the middle, and I’d rather have her off to one side:

The image editor box for one of my creation images

So click on “EDIT IMAGE PREVIEW”, and you’ll get a window that pops up with the full size image, and a dotted line box for the image preview. You can move the box around and resize it as needed. When you’re ready, it will look something like this:

Adjust the image preview crop with the Indiesew Image Preview editor

Now just click “SAVE”, and the new image preview will be set. In this example, now Erin is slightly off to the right side in the image preview. For each image, you can also add a short description in the box right above the “EDIT IMAGE PREVIEW” button.

We’re almost done! Now there’s just a little bit more information to add back on the main “Add Your Creation” screen. If you want to adjust the order that your images show up, you can simply grab the images and drag them to the order you want. Keep in mind that the top image will be the creation preview, so make sure to put your favorite one at the top!

There are a few inputs down below the image section that you can fill out. The first is for the name of your creation. Call your creation whatever you like, and if you don’t want to name your creation that’s okay too. The next input is for your story of this creation, and is the only required input besides the images. Here’s where you can tell everyone about how you made your garment, any alterations you did, special fabrics or materials used, or things you might do next time. You can write as much as you want here, but typically one to 4 paragraphs should work fine.

Finally, you can add a link to your blog post, if you have one posted on your own site. You can also specify what style you made, the fabric you used, and the size. These last three inputs will help others search for creations.

Once you’re ready, click “ADD NEW CREATION” at the bottom. After a few moments your creation will be ready and your browser will redirect to your finished creation. Congrats, you’ve successfully added your creation to Indiesew!

The final thing to do is share your creation! Share your handiwork to your friends, family, and social media followers. If you’re a blogger, you can also link to your creation page so your readers can see your work on Indiesew. You can easily share your creation on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and E-mail using the share buttons on the top right corner of your creation page:

Share your finished creation with your friends and family

So that’s it!

If you any questions or comments about uploading your creations, please reach out to us at [email protected].

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