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Highlands Wrap Dress Updates

By Allie

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The Highlands Wrap Dress sewing pattern launched in April with our 2017 Spring/Summer Collection and the response has been overwhelming! This design is near and dear to my heart because it’s the perfect embodiment of my favorite 70's-inspired silhouette. And I’m giddy every time I see one of you sew your own. 

The most common feedback we’re getting? Many of you are loving the fit of the bodice and the placement of the bust darts! This dress was created on a block that all of the future Allie Olson sewing patterns will be created from. So, if you find the fit of this dress works well for you, you’ll likely have similar luck with the rest of my patterns.

In the last few months a lot has been going on with the Highlands Wrap Dress. So much so, that we thought it was time to formally update you!


Paper Patterns Now Available!

We’re so happy to finally offer the Highlands Wrap Dress in print format! The full color envelope, brown tissue pattern, and 16-page instruction booklet are my pride and joy. Who needs kids when you can make sewing patterns?

Highlands Wrap Dress Paper Patterns | Available at Indiesew

We’re gearing up to ship more of these patterns to indie fabric stores around the world! If you’re an indie fabric store that would like to carry this and future Allie Olson Sewing Patterns, please send us an email to [email protected]  


New Branding

With the launch of the Highlands Wrap Dress paper patterns we updated the Allie Olson Sewing Patterns branding! A new logo, typography, and color scheme now adorns every digital and paper pattern. 

Highland Wrap Dress Envelope | Sewing Pattern by Allie Olson

We’re working on updating the Lonetree Jacket to have the same branding soon too!


PATTERN ERRATA: Correction to Mitered Corner Instructions

And while we rigorously tested this pattern, we did find one very small flaw in the instructions of the printed pattern and the first version of the digital pattern. Step 26 instructs you to press the diagonal edge of them hem towards the wrong side by 3/8”. This isn’t actually necessary and will change the width of the mitered corner. 

We’ve updated steps 26 and 29 with new illustrations and text in the digital pattern. You can see the updated instructions below. 

Mitered Corner Instruction Correction | Highlands Wrap Dress

Please note: this error in no way affected the drafting of the pattern or the fit of the garment.


Improved Button Tab Design

In the second version of this pattern we also added button tabs to both sides of the wrap, so that the buttons can be sewn onto the stable front facings where the fabric is reinforced.


We know that many of you already own this digital sewing pattern. The good news is if you've purchased the first version of the Highlands Wrap Dress digital sewing pattern or the 2017 Spring/Summer Collection from Indiesew you have access to the new digital version! To access the new pattern simply click on My Account and search for the Highlands Wrap Dress or 2017 Spring/Summer Collection under the My Orders tab. From there you can download the updated files.

Classes Available at Fancy Tiger

Fancy Tiger Sewing Class | Highlands Wrap Dress

Finally, I’m teaching two Highlands Wrap Dress classes at Fancy Tiger this summer! You can sign up for them here and here. Two four-hour sessions will lead you through the step-by-step process of sewing your own Highlands Wrap Dress.

I hope you're all having a wonderful summer! Happy sewing!

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