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Foxglove Sewalong: Part 3

By Allie

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Happy Friday, lovely Indiesew users! And welcome back to Part 3 of our Foxglove Sewalong Series. For those of you that have been intently following along, you’ll finish up your Foxglove Tank by Selvage Designs today. Not only will you be feeling like a rockstar sewist, you’ll also have a favorite new racerback tank to wear all weekend long.

Today, we’ll be applying bias tape to the neckline and armholes and hemming your Foxglove. Luckily, Selvage Designs has left no detail overlooked. These two finishing techniques are just as beautiful as your clean finished seams. Let’s get ‘er done.

Attaching the Bias Tape

The armholes and neckline of this pattern are bound with bias tape. I’m a huge fan of store bought bias tape, solely because I love a pop of contrast on my handmade clothing...even if I’m the only who sees it. You can either make your own bias tape or use the store bought variety for this pattern. If you’re making a knit Foxglove, you’ll be using knit strips.

And you’re in luck today, folks. Because there’s a full How to Use Bias Tape tutorial up on the Indiesew blog. The post covers the process step-by-step and even shows you how to join your bias tape seams so they line up perfectly with your armpit or center back seam!

Once you’ve finished binding your armholes and neckline, move onto the last step of finishing your Foxglove.

Hemming the Tank

The last step and surely the easiest: you are now ready to hem your Foxglove! I used the narrow hem option for my tank. Begin by sewing a basting stitch (a straight stitch with a very long stitch length) along the entire bottom raw edge of your tank with a ¼” seam allowance. Make sure you leave long tails of thread at the beginning and end of this stitch.

Foxglove Sewalong | Baste Hem

Gently tug on the bottom thread of one of these tails to very slightly ease in the hem. This will make the hem of the tank top round slightly so that 1. It’s easier to double roll and press and 2. so that it doesn’t flare out when you wear it. Double score!

Your eased hem should look like this:

Ease Hem | Foxglove Sewalong Part 3

Once you’ve eased your hem slightly, turn your Foxglove inside out and press the hem up ¼” along the basting line.

Press Hem Up Once | Foxglove by Selvage Designs

Once you’ve pressed your hem up once along the entire length of the hem, press it up again ¼”. Blog | Press Hem Up Again

Use a seam gauge to measure around the entire length of the hem to make sure it measures ¼”. This will ensure that you catch the fabric when topstitching.

Measure Hem with Seam Gauge | Foxglove Racerback Tank

Pin the hem every 3”.

Pin Narrow Hem | Blog

Flip your Foxglove right side out and topstitch your hem with a ¼” seam allowance.

Topstitch Hem | Foxglove Sewalong Part 3

Now press your entire Foxglove well, so that the neckline, armholes and the hem lay nice and flat.

Guess what? You just sewed a Foxglove! We really, really want to see what you’ve made. Upload your photos of your creation here. We’d love to know what you thought of the pattern! Leave a review here.

Two weeks of Foxglove continues! Next week we’ll be showing you how we style ours and will be giving away one copy of the pattern! Make sure you follow us on Facebook to get all the updates!

Need to catch up?
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