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Foxglove Favorites and Giveaway Winner

By Allie

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Foxglove by Selvage Designs on | Favorite Creations and Giveaway

We’re on the tail end of Two Weeks of Foxglove, but that doesn’t mean that the racerback tank madness has to come to an end. Selvage Designs has created such a stellar sewing pattern, and considering that it’s only June, I imagine much Foxglove sewing will continue through the next few months.

For those of you that have been waiting to purchase your Foxglove, not to worry. The pattern will continue to be available on Indiesew. And our Foxglove Sewalong Parts One, Two and Three aren’t going anywhere either. You can methodically plan out your fabric choice, your choice of seam finishes and sew at your own pace. That’s totally okay.

But today, for those of you that have sewn up one (or probably more like two or three) Foxgloves and uploaded your creations, we’re picking our three favorites! Let me tell you, this decision was not easy. Every Foxglove creation uploaded to Indiesew was stellar. Keep up the good work, people.

So without further ado, let’s dive into the three Foxgloves that had us open-mouthed stunned, in no particular order.

Our Three Favorite Foxgloves

Teresa (Dandelion Drift)

Teresa made her Foxglove out of a thrifted woven skirt and yet it looks like something off the shelves of J. Crew. We especially love how she cut her fabric on the bias so that her stripes matched in a chevron at the center front and back seams. The breezy, light blue fabric is a perfect neutral that can be the basis for a million different wardrobe variations. We especially love the tank paired with jeans and her adorable strappy sandals for summer. Blog | Dandelion Drift Foxglove Favorite

Dandelion Drift Foxglove |

Shannon (Little Luvins)

When Shannon uploaded her Foxglove to Indiesew, I promptly started showing anyone who was near me how awesome this creation was. The lawn fabric she used is a perfect complement to the basic shape of the tank. Shannon omitted the center front and back seams and lined the bodice of her tank to avoid any see-through situations. We love the way Shannon styled her Foxglove, and we can also see this adorable floral printed tank tucked into a high-waisted skirt for the summer.

Little Luvins | Foxglove Favorite on Indiesew

Shannon from Little Luvins | Foxglove Tank by Selvage Designs

Maris (Sew Maris)

Maris made her Foxglove out of a lovely jersey and omitted the center front and back seams. What immediately struck me about her creation is how wearable it is! The knit topped paired with some slim fitting black chinos is an outfit that is worn daily around these parts. Maris had some great feedback on the specifics of the pattern on her blog. Definitely a worthwhile read.

Sew Maris  | Foxglove Favorite on Blog

Announcing the Foxglove Giveaway Winner!

Many of you entered our Foxglove by Selvage Designs Giveaway this week in hopes that you'd be the lucky winner of a free pattern by Selvage Designs. We wish you all could win, really. That's how much we love the Foxglove. Beautifully drafted, impeccable fit, a great wardrobe staple. But, alas, there is only one winner.

Our randomly selected winner is:
Ashley D.

Congratulations Ashley! We’ll send you an email shortly with information on how to get your Foxglove pattern!

Stay tuned for some big announcements coming over the next few weeks, including new designers in the Indiesew shop and more HUGE giveaways!

Happy Sewing!

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