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Fall Skirt Week is Here!

By Aimee Elise

I’m Aimee. When I’m not sitting at my sewing machine, I’m most likely working as a microbiologist. I enjoy reading, outdoor adventures, and saying yes to amazing experiences.

Fall Skirt Week | Indiesew
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As much as I love the seemingly endless days of summer, there is something peaceful to me about fall. I love the crisp feeling in the air. Something about the leaves changing and the days getting more grey makes me want to hunker down, bake everything, and layer myself in clothing until I can’t possibly move.

When I was younger my clothing was strictly reserved for each of the seasons, but over the years I’ve realized clothing can be transitional. I’m learning that most garments can be worn year-round by layering or different styling.

Skirts may not traditionally be thought of as autumn-appropriate, but over the next seven days want to show you how versatile they are worn in cooler weather. In mid-60s temperatures, a skirt can pair well with a long-sleeved top or even a sweater. Once temperatures drop even further, tights and boots keep your legs warm while allowing you to wear your favorite handmade garments all year-round.

So today’s post is a big dose of fall sewing inspiration! We’ve grouped together different skirts from the Indiesew Pattern Shop into categories with style photos shown below. Over the next week Allie and I, along with a few lovely sewing bloggers, will be posting different styles of skirts and our favorite ways to wear them for fall. With over 20 skirt patterns on Indiesew there’s bound to be a style that suits everyone!


A-Line Skirts

DIY A-Line Skirt Inspiration | Indiesew

Source | Source

A-line skirts have a distinct, retro-inspired shape. While the fullness of an A-line skirt varies, these designs are always fitted through the waist, with a dramatic flare through the hem. The Weekend Rambler Skirt, the Alder Skirt, Mariska, and A-Frame are all skirts in the Indiesew Pattern shop that have an A-line design.


Full Skirts

DIY Full Skirt Inspiration | Indiesew Skirt Week

Source | Source

Volume is the name of the game with full skirts. Regardless of hem or rise, their volume gives them shape and a vintage vibe. Skirts in the Indiesew Pattern shop that fall into this category are: the Wedgwood, the Picnic Skirt, and the Brumby Skirt.


Wrap Skirts

Indiesew Blog | DIY Wrap Skirt Inspiration

Source | Source

Wrap skirts are comfortable to wear, easy to fit, and great for quick sewing projects. A crossover front design can provide a fun style element when using contrasting fabric in both color and texture. The wrap skirts we currently carry are The Versatile Wrap, Nita Wrap Skirt, and the Emerson Wrap.


Pencil Skirts

DIY Pencil Skirt Inspo | Fall Skirt Week at Indiesew

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Pencil skirts epitomize power and femininity in a sleek silhouette. These designs were typically associated with business or high-profile jobs, until the knit pencil skirts made an appearance. Both woven and knit versions look glamorous and chic. We especially love a pencil skirt sewn in a double knit for a comfortable and slightly sportier take on this classic. We have many pencil skirt designs in stock, both knit and woven, in the pattern shop: Pleated Pencil Skirt, Jade Skirt, Axel, Camellia Skirt, Alberta Street, and the A-Frame.


Mini Skirts | Mini Skirt Style Inspiration

Source | Source

Mini skirts have been around since the ‘60s and have since never gone out of style. Because these skirts are “mini”, they require less fabric and are usually quick sewing projects. I usually find myself experimenting with different textures on mini skirts. Tweed, coating, boucle, and even leather are fun fabrics to try out for fall.

We have a range of sporty, casual, and va-va-voom miniskirts on our hands: Nita Wrap Skirt, Axel, Parkside Shorts and Skirt, Nascha Mini, and the Baseball Skirt.


Maxi Skirts

DIY Fashion | Maxi Skirt Style Ideas

Source Source

It’s often hard to imagine a maxi skirt worn outside the spring and summer months, but I find their extended length is perfect for keeping my legs covered on days that are way too chilly for a shorter option. We like to pair maxi skirts with sweaters or turtlenecks. A button-up shirt, a scarf, and some boots make great additions to this wardrobe staple. We have the Conifer Skirt and the Syrah Skirt in the Indiesew Pattern Shop.


Skirt Pattern Sale!

We hope you’re inspired to sew some fall skirts! As an added incentive, all skirt patterns will be 15% off starting today through Friday, August 26. Use the coupon code FALL4SKIRTS at checkout to receive the discount!

Happy sewing!

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