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Fall Selfish Sewing Week: Plans

By Allie

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I was delighted to find out a few weeks ago that Selfish Sewing Week was rapidly approaching. Like many of you, I rarely sew anything other than women’s garments, but I wouldn’t call my sewing entirely selfish. Yes, most of the samples you see in the Indiesew shop are sewn up in a size that fits me, and often they do get integrated into my daily wardrobe. But many of them get sent back to our small group of awesome sample sewers. Or some of them aren’t really my style. In reality, it’s been months since I’ve done any sewing just for me.

So, despite a mile-long queue of samples to sew up, (we will be nearly doubling the Indiesew inventory in the coming months!), I’ll be spending the next week getting some personal sewing projects that have been on my list for months checked off. Because, well, it's Selfish Sewing Week. Sorry, Steve.

So here's my plan. Too ambitious? I haven't quite decided yet.
Selfish Sewing Week Planner |

Have you downloaded your Selfish Sewing Week Planner yet?

My Dress Modifications

My Dress | Debbie Brooke Designs

The My Dress is brand new to the Indiesew shop, and I can’t stop singing its praises. This pattern by Debbie Brooke Designs is rock solid and the final sewn product feels totally luxurious. What is it about a lined bodice that takes a garment to the next level?

I sewed this dress up earlier this summer in a conservative size six. I was a few pounds heavier back then, and I went into this project knowing it’d need a few alterations to fit my pear shaped body. So, now that the cobalt-blue, heavyweight knit My Dress has been revealed, it’s time to modify this dress for the perfect fit. This dress will make its debut at a Pennsylvania wedding in a few short weeks and it needs to look amazing.

Pom-pom Fringed Scarf

Scarf Fabric | Selfish Sewing Week Plans on

Making a pom-pom fringed scarf has been on my to-do list for nearly six months. Something similar to this, this or this. I’m thinking of sewing up a few for Fall in the cozy fabrics you see above, maybe two cowls and one regular version. Hopefully, one will pair well with my blue My Dress and will be a the perfect wedding attire accessory. I anticipate this project to be fun and stress free, but my number one priority right now is securing some pom-pom trim, asap.

Canvas Yoga Bag

Thrifted Canvas for DIY Yoga Bag |

I thrifted this rather unique canvas years ago. Nearly three yards of this fabric has been sitting in my stash, moved to three different houses, and been forgotten about for too long. I have an inadvertent green theme going on with my yoga equipment (mat and towel), so I thought this fabric would be perfect for a complementary bag.

I’ll be using Amy Butler’s free yoga bag pattern. I sewed up one of these as a gift for my sister, so I anticipate it being a quick project. One lesson I learned from the last go-around? Use a heavy-duty needle. There are steps in the pattern where you sew through four layers of fabric. Four layers of canvas means a heavy duty needle is an absolute requirement.

So, I’d love to know, what are your Selfish Sewing Week plans? Have you checked out Rachael’s latest post or looked at the event on Kollabora? Make sure you enter the Selfish Sewing week giveaway! Rachael is giving away forty indie sewing patterns, plus a $25 Indiesew giftcard!

Check the Indiesew blog later this week and early next to see the outcome of my Selfish Sewing Week! Happy sewing!

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