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Fall Selfish Sewing Week: My Dress Alterations

By Allie

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Selfish Sewing Week wrapped up last Sunday but I still have yet to show you my last selfish sewing project, and by far my favorite. I told you all that I’d be making alterations to my too-big My Dress last Monday. I was planning on having photos of the newly-fitted, cobalt blue beauty up on the blog mid last week. Yep, that was the plan. Of course, it didn’t go that way.

But after a busy weekend and a late Sunday night of sewing, I’m happy to announce that my My Dress is finished and ready to be worn to a Pennsylvania wedding on Saturday. I can barely wait. I can honestly say that I've never owned a dress that fits this well.

On a side note, one of the many hopes and dreams I have for Indiesew is to delve further into the issue of fit and alterations. Most patterns don’t fit every body type straight from the file, we lose and gain weight all year long, and different fabrics allow for different fits. So, you can look forward to a new blog series in the next few months focusing on altering your home sewn garments.

Now back to the My Dress, here’s what I did:

Inserted Back Darts

The My Dress silhouette, straight from the pattern, is a rather loose fitting sheath dress. The dress falls over your abdomen and butt without hugging your curves too tightly, creating a great shape for most people. Personally, I was looking for a bit more of a hip hugging silhouette. In a knit, I thought this would be super flattering and comfortable. And I’m trying to embrace my curves.

When attempting to achieve the hourglass shape, there was too much fabric in the back, right above my butt, that was sort of pooling there. So after a few pinches of fabric, I realized two back darts were the way to go. I looked at a few other figure hugging dresses I had on hand to decide how long to make the these darts.

Ad Hoc Back Darts | My Dress Sewing Pattern by Debbie Brooke Designs

Took in Dress Sides

When I sewed this dress a few months ago, I chose a size larger than I am now. Thanks to a very active summer and fall, my size six My Dress was now a size too large. And while the ad hoc back darts made my dress lay much more smoothly over my rear and eliminated all of the excess fabric in the back, it was clear the dress needed to be taken in a bit more. In the end each side was taken in and contoured between ½” and 3” at certain points.

Hourglass Silhouette My Dress |

Shortened Hem

The My Dress hem falls right above the knee for most people, depending on your height. I wanted my version to be a few inches shorter. Hence, the hem was seam ripped and taken up about an inch.

Shortened Hem My Dress | Blog

How I'm Wearing It

Ah yes, the fun part. Since I'm flying to Pennsylvania later this week, I'll need to have my outfit nailed down before we leave. Usually, I'm trying on fifty outfits ten minutes before I need to walk out the door.

Luckily the My Dress is easy to dress up or down. There will definitely be a day this winter where I'll be throwing this dress on with a pair of tights, boots, and a comfy cardigan over the top. But to dress it up, black pumps are the way to go. If it cools down, I'll be throwing my favorite grey blazer over the top. Gold jewelry pops against the cobalt blue, so gold earrings it is. But my favorite accessory? You guessed it. My new pom pom fringed scarf. It's a statement accessory, to say the least.

Altered My Dress | How We Wear It

Overall, I'm super pleased with my revamped My Dress and plan on making several more. I'm thinking a little black dress version is a must-make in the near future.

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