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Fall Selfish Sewing Week: DIY Yoga Bag

By Allie

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Indiesew + Selfish Sewing Week | DIY Yoga Bag

The first three days of Selfish Sewing Week have been wonderfully self-indulgent. While my guy is out of town, I’ve taken full advantage of the freedom to be as messy with my sewing as possible. This means there’s an abundance of fabric on the kitchen island (my favorite cutting space), several garments draped over his office chair, and the photo studio is definitely NOT getting put away until the minutes before he returns.

I’ve also taken full advantage of sewing whatever the heck I want. While my Selfish Sewing Week plans have already gotten a little out of order, they are progressing right along. I’ve decided to leave my alterations for the My Dress until this weekend when I'll have a bigger chunk of time to focus on one project, and instead have been sewing the quickest projects first. I’ve been having a blast.

First up? My very own yoga bag. I’ve been a half-hearted yogi for several years, but in the last few weeks have totally fallen back in love with yoga. There’s a great studio just a ten minute walk from my house that has a huge selection of classes. Hence, I’ve been schlepping myself and all my yoga gear over there two or three times a week. A yoga bag has become a necessity.

I decided to use Amy Butler’s free yoga bag pattern for this selfish sewing project. I’ve used the pattern once before and loved the finished product. It’s fully lined and a super quick sew. I’d say, start to finish, I only spent an hour and a half on this puppy.

My fabric choice was a 1970’s canvas I thrifted years ago. I’m not normally a person who loves the color green, but I do oddly love my accidental green yoga-theme.

Thrifted Canvas |

The yoga bag is the perfect size for a thin yoga mat rolled up with a mat towel. I like how the top of the mat peeks out of the bag.

DIY Yoga Bag | Selfish Sewing Week and

This pattern is designed with three lower pockets which are awesome for keys, credit cards and water bottles.

Yoga Bag Pocket |

I clearly made no attempt at pattern matching, because I had pretty limited yardage. But I’m still totally smitten with the end result. | Selfish Sewing Week

The best part? It’s so easy to wear! The extra wide strap makes this the perfect cross-body bag. The design is super bike-friendly for that reason.

DIY Yoga Bag | Indiesew Selfish Sewing Week

What's next for the week's selfish projects? Well, I’ve already checked off a pom-pomless cowl off my list! A pom-pom adorned scarf is next up. You’ll be seeing those later this week. Plus the new cowl and scarf pattern will be coming to the Indiesew shop very soon!

How's your Selfish Sewing Week? Have you made anything in our shop? We’d love to see it! Don’t forget to upload your creations and share some sewing inspiration with the world!

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