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Fabric Batch #018: Sprig

By Allie

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My last fabric souring trip to LA was one that I'll always remember. Three other industry ladies (GabrielaKelli, and Leslie) all joined me to help hunt for overstock fabric, talk shop, and connect in person on the overnight trip. The short jaunt felt more like vacation than work and I left feeling inspired, motivated, and really lucky to call these ladies my friends.

What's even better is that having three extra sets of eyes in the warehouse means you get an even better selection of fabric to choose from. These ladies pulled out textiles I have been missing for years and they're some of my favorites we've ever carried.

Today we launch our eighteenth fabric batch, this one is called Sprig. It's floral, vintage-inspired, and full of moody saturated colors, all in woven fabrics that are breathable and flowing. And every single one is deadstock fabric, leftover from fashion designers and movie sets.

Blush Navy Floral Rayon Crepe

Indiesew | Blush and Navy Floral Rayon Crepe Fabric

This 3.6-ounce rayon crepe fabric washes up soft and is opaque, so no lining is needed. Modern navy blue and white flowers adorn a blush pink background. This fabric is well suited for the intermediate sewist. Inventory on this one is limited and restock is unlikely.

Blush Floral Rayon Crepe >


Navy Floral Poly Crepe

Indiesew | Navy Red Floral Poly Crepe Fabric

This 2.9-ounce poly crepe fabric has a fun vintage-inspired floral motif set against a navy blue background. Tones of mustard, olive green, and rusty reds adorn this slightly sheer fabric. You'll need a lining for dresses or skirts, but our Navy Blue Rayon Twill below will work!

Navy and Red Floral Poly Crepe >


Navy Blue Rayon Twill

Indiesew | Dark Navy Blue Rayon Twill

This 100% rayon twill fabric, in a saturated navy blue color, is ideal for dresses, skirts, and light jackets. At 5.4 ounces per square yard, this fabric is similar in hand and drape to Tencel twill.

Dark Navy Rayon Twill >


Navy White Stripe Rayon Challis

Indiesew | Navy and White Stripe Rayon Challis

This 3.6-ounce rayon challis fabric is ideal for hot summer weather. A small navy stripe runs against a white background, parallel to the selvage. This fabric is opaque and well suited for the intermediate sewist. 

Navy and White Stripe Rayon Challis >



Barn Red Rayon Cupro | Barn Red Rayon Cupro

This barn red cupro fabric is ideal for flowy tops, dresses and skirts. At 3.7 ounces, this fabric is opaque and well suited for the intermediate sewist. Small creases add character and texture to this interesting fabric. Inventory is limited and restock is unlikely.

Barn Red Rayon Cupro >


All of the fabrics above have been wash tested and develop a soft hand after a few washes. Due to the nature of overstock fabric, some of the fabrics above are available in very limited quantities and won't likely be restocked. We hope you like Sprig!

Happy sewing!

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Meet Sprig: a floral, vintage-inspired, saturated fabric batch of woven textiles in flowy substrates. |

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