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Fabric Batch #016: Sketch

By Allie

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Indiesew Fabric | Batch #016: Sketch

When we sent out our 2017 Customer Survey there were a few surprising (to me) requests that trended from this community. One of those? Many of you asked for more high-contrast black and white fabrics.

It's not typically a color palette I'm drawn to, but after sourcing our sixteenth fabric batch, I now see what all the fuss is about. Black and white motifs are strong; they make a statement. And this palette creates an incredibly chic wardrobe.

We present to you Fabric Batch #016, Sketch:

Black and White Stripe Jacquard

Black and White Stripe Jacquard Fabric | Indiesew Blog

This textile is the one that inspired this entire collection. I saw this unique woven jacquard and all I could envision was a fall jacket. Its texture reminds me of something you'd see handwoven in India. At 10 ounces, it's ideal for light outerwear or structured skirts and dresses. It's absolutely stunning.

Black and White Jacquard Stripe >


Black Ticking Double Cloth

Black Ticking Double Cloth Fabric | Indiesew

I've been on the hunt for more double cloth and was super happy to find this one! This black double cloth fabric has a white ticking stripe that runs through the yardage. The opposite side of this fabric is white.

Black Ticking Double Cloth >


White Windowpane Cotton Flannel

White Windowpane Flannel Cotton Fabric | Indiesew

This crisp cotton flannel fabric is the stuff sewing dreams are made of. Brushed on the wrong side, smooth on the right side, this fabric would sew up beautifully into a structured top, dress, or skirt. It's opaque too, so you won't need a lining.

White Windowpane Flannel Cotton >


Black Modal Gabardine

Black Modal Gabardine Fabric | Indiesew Overstock Fabric

This black modal gabardine is overstock yardage from American Apparel. It has the hand of rayon twill, making it ideal for flowing blouses, dresses, or skirts. It's a true black color and is also opaque.

Black Modal Gabardine Fabric >


We hope you enjoy this fabric batch! It's certainly inspiring me to work some more black into my wardrobe. I'll be headed to LA soon to source more of these fabric batches. If there's anything in particular you'd like to see, leave a comment below!

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