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Fabric Batch #003: Birch

By Allie

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Indiesew Fabric Batch #003: Birch

I had a yearlong stint in high school where I really loved to wear all brown things, but besides that brief obsession, earth tones haven’t really been my jam. I tend to prefer dark, saturated colors and neutrals. And I could wear grey seven days a week.

But then I sourced the five fabrics that make up our newest fabric batch and I may, in fact, be an earth-tones convert. Birch, our third fabric batch ever, is a mix of lovely autumn tones in sage green, canary yellow, and orangey reds. It is breathtaking.

With two thick wintry knits and three lightweight woven fabrics, this batch is functional for a fall wardrobe that will work well into winter. And the geometric and abstract prints are like none I've ever seen printed on fabric. Let’s take a look:


Abstract Autumn Floral Silk Voile

This soft and flowing Autumn Floral Silk Voile is the print that pulls this entire fabric batch together. An abstract floral print in taupe grey, pumpkin orange, moss green, and citron yellow dances across this fine fabric.
 Abstract Autumn Floral Silk Voile Fabric

This fabric is a very lightweight, sheer voile well suited for the intermediate sewist. Though the exact fiber breakdown is unknown, one touch will tell you that this fabric’s fibers are likely silk.



Heather Moss French Terry Knit

French terry is getting lots of attention these days and this Heather Moss French Terry Knit is well deserving. This fabric features a heather moss green right side and an off-white looped wrong side.
 French Terry Fabric | Heather Moss

This fabric is thick and bulky at 10.8 ounces per yard, and is well suited for the adventurous beginner or intermediate sewist. Sew up a Lane Raglan or Jasper Sweater for a super cozy garment.



Salmon and Sand Geometric Linen

Our Salmon and Sand Geometric Linen is one of the most unique linen fabrics I’ve ever seen. This linen features a small-scale repeating geometric design that packs a punch of visual interest.

Salmon and Sand Geometric Linen |

This stable woven fabric is well suited for the beginner sewist. Sew up a Camellia Skirt or Sylvie Dress for a garment that will wear well all year long.



Olive Green Double Faced Ponte

Ponte (or ponte de roma) is a versatile knit fabric for every sewist’s stash. This Olive Green Double Faced Ponte features a heathered right side and a solid olive green wrong side.
 Ponte de Roma Fabric | Olive Green Double Faced

The edges of ponte fabric don’t roll, so this fabric is well suited for the newbie sewist. Sew up the My Dress or the Rosaline in this fun reversible fabric.




Yellow Chevron Cotton Silk Voile

Another fine woven fabric, the Yellow Chevron Cotton Silk Voile is soft, flowing, and perfect for layering fall blouses. Yellow rectangles form a chevron pattern set against a white background.
 Cotton/Silk Voile | Yellow Chevron

This fabric would be perfectly suited for the Anna Blouse or the Beatrix. If sewing a dress or skirt, be sure to use a lining in combination with this fabric.



Sage Cotton Twill Shirting

This Sage Cotton Twill Shirting feels like a cross between soft chambray and flowing voile. This twill shirting is a soft sage green color that looks taupe-grey in certain lighting.

Shirting Fabric | Sage Cotton Twill 
This 100% natural fabric is perfect for the beginner sewist and would look lovely sewn up into a Honey Blouse or Shearwater Kaftan.

Grab your yardage of Birch before it’s all gone! This fabric batch is particularly limited with no ability to restock any of these fabrics. Once they’re gone, they’re gone for good.

In two weeks we’ll be launching the 2016 Winter Collection with a stunning fabric batch to accompany it. Stay tuned! 

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