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Fabric Batch #002: Checkered

By Allie

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 Indiesew Fabric Batch #002: Checkered

As I write this post I’m cuddled into a comfy chair beside a warm fire wearing my favorite sweatpants. The weather here in Boulder has finally dipped into what feels appropriate for mid-October temperatures, and today’s fabric batch is perfect for a cold-weather handmade wardrobe.

On my last trip to LA, one of my fabric goals was to source a nice selection of plaid fabrics. Plaid garments are trending right now and I’m ready to hop right on that bandwagon. But I didn’t realize just how many plaid fabrics I would be inundated with upon arriving in the Fashion District, or how hard it would be to curate a small collection of them. In short, I wanted all the plaids.

But I came home with seven swatches and was over-the-moon excited when more than 100 yards of plaid fabric showed up at my house a week later. This collection is appropriately named “Checkered” and it offers both flannel and twill shirting fabrics for your handmade wardrobe. Every fabric in this batch is well suited for the beginner sewist.


Blue and White Double Cloth Cotton | Blue and White Double Cloth Cotton Fabric

This Blue and White Double Cloth Cotton is very similar in hand and texture to double gauze, but is slightly heavier in weight. This specific fabric features a blue-and-white plaid front side and a black-and-white gingham back side. This reversible fabric would be ideal for the Wenona Shirt Dress.



Grey and Turquoise Plaid Flannel

Grey and Turquoise Plaid Flannel Fabric | Checkered

This lightweight Grey and Turquoise Plaid Flannel fabric is super versatile and incredibly soft. Perfect for pajama pants or button-up shirts, this fabric will keep you cozy while looking chic. This fabric would look lovely sewn up into a comfy Natalie Top.



Aqua and Sage Plaid Twill Shirting

Indiesew Fabric Batch #002: Aqua and Sage Plaid Twill Shirting Fabric

This monochromatic Aqua and Sage Plaid Shirting fabric has an incredibly soft and stable hand. Aqua and sage green hues create a checkerboard pattern for a unique plaid design. Sew up the Valencia Tunic in this fabric and pair it with a cardigan, jeans, and boots for a fun fall look. 



Mustard and Grey Plaid Flannel

Mustard and Grey Plaid Flannel Fabric |

Our Instagram followers got a glimpse of this Mustard and Grey Plaid Flannel fabric when I first sewed up my Fen dress. This cozy fabric has a soft brushed twill texture. This flannel features a prominent plaid design perfect for cozy shirts and dresses.


Navy Plaid Flannel Twill

Navy Two-Sided Plaid Flannel Twill Fabric | Checkered Fabric Batch

This traditional Navy Plaid Flannel Twill fabric packs a double-sided surprise. The right side of this navy blue plaid features a soft twill texture, while the wrong side features a soft and cozy flannel hand. The plaid design features mustard yellow, rust brown, olive green, taupe, and grey hues. Sew up a wintry Washi Dress with this unique fabric.



Red and Baby Blue Plaid Flannel

Indiesew Fabric | Red and Baby Blue Mini Plaid Flannel Fabric

This mid-weight Red and Baby Blue Plaid Flannel fabric features a mini plaid design reminiscent of Banana Republic and J. Crew textiles. Small lines create a unique design perfect for shirts and dresses. Sew up a Cabin dress in this fabric and stay warm all winter long.


Blue and Grey Plaid Flannel

Blue and Grey Plaid Flannel Fabric | Indiesew Blog

A different colorway of the Mustard and Grey Plaid Flannel, this cozy Blue and Grey Plaid Flannel fabric is the ultimate soft and cozy fabric. Sew up a warm Zippy Top and pair it with your favorite jacket and jeans.

Be sure to snag your favorite fabrics from this batch, as our last batch, Azteca, was nearly sold out within five hours! Be the first to know about our fabric batch launches by signing up for our newsletter below. Stay cozy! 

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