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Coat Month: Teresa's Evergreen Jacket

By Teresa :: Dandelion Drift

I'm Teresa, a girl who has a hard time sitting still! I occupy a lot of my free time creating things, which brings me so much joy! You can take a peek at my creative adventures over at Dandelion Drift.

Indiesew Coat Month | Teresa's Evergreen Jacket

Hey there, Indiesew readers! It’s Teresa here, from Dandelion Drift! I was thrilled when Allie asked me to add a little post over here about coats. I tackled my first coat, the Grainline Cascade Duffle Coat, this past summer while I was sewing away in the Super Online Sewing Match. I have to tell you: when I sewed the Cascade, I was terrified. I always thought coats were intimidating, with a lot of fit issues. But man, I was incredibly wrong. One thing that draws me to indie sewing patterns is the detail and expertise each designer puts into the pattern. Jenn did exactly that with the Cascade pattern, making sewing a coat actually pretty easy.

Evergreen Jacket | Pattern by Hey June

Today I want to share with you my Evergreen Jacket (pattern by Adrianna of Hey June). I live in super sunny Florida where I really don’t need a winter coat. Actually, up until this last week, I haven’t even worn my Cascade. The temps have been so high this winter, I was wondering if it would ever cool off! Thanks to a trip to Chattanooga, the Cascade has been worn and is well loved!

Dandelion Drift | Evergreen Jacket Side

Coat Month | Teresa's Sweatshirt Fleece Evergreen Jacket

The Evergreen Jacket turns out to be the perfect jacket for our mild winters here in Florida. I sewed this one up in gray sweatshirt fleece from the Imagine Gnats shop (no longer in stock). This fabric is the absolute softest and is so cozy to wear. The zippers were a little trickier to find. Adrianna lists a few sources to search for zippers and I ended up using one of her recommendations, zip it on Etsy. They had just the size and color I was looking for.

Indiesew Coat Month | Evergreen Jacket by Dandelion Drift

Sewing with an indie pattern made tackling this coat pretty simple. Coat sewing is time consuming and has many steps, but each step is very manageable and not too complicated. I’ve learned that if you look at sewing as a step-by-step process and sew just a few steps each day, a bigger project like the Evergreen Jacket isn’t intimidating at all!

Evergreen Jacket by Teresa Behr | Sewn in Grey Sweatshirt Fleece

Adrianna did a fantastic job with the instructions and illustrations. Each instruction is accompanied by an illustration showing you what to do (which I always find extremely helpful). I didn’t make any changes to the pattern, and sewed up a straight size medium. Adrianna cautions in the beginning to follow her size chart exactly. I sewed the jacket based on my bust measurement and it fits perfectly!

Evergreen Jacket Sewing Pattern | Available at Indiesew

Have you been sewing any coats this month?

Teresa Behr | Evergreen Jacket for Florida Winters 

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