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Check out the Lonetree Testers!

By Allie

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Lonetree Jacket and Vest | Tester Photos

The Lonetree Jacket and Vest simply wouldn’t exist without the help of some amazing women. Our lovely testers spent many hours proofreading, sewing, and offering excellent feedback for my first solo design. I’m always a little embarrassed by the typos I overlook before I send it to them, and inevitably there are some drafting changes that need to be made. But I cannot imagine releasing a pattern that hasn’t gone through the testing process. I’m so incredibly grateful for my testers’ patience and feedback.

Today I’m showing you photos of what our testers produced from their first attempt at the Lonetree. Please note: The shoulder seam of both the vest and jacket was brought in about 1/4” after these versions were made. The armpit was also dropped by 1/2".

Also, if you’re ready to take the plunge on your first Lonetree Jacket or Vest, check out our Fit and Fabric Selection post


Aimee's Khaki Lonetree Jacket

Indiesew team member Aimee sewed up the Lonetree Jacket with no hood. She used our non-stretch Khaki Twill and a fun plaid flannel (that will be in the shop soon!) for the facings!



Ashley's Blue Lonetree Vest

Ashley sewed up a Lonetree Vest (with hood) in an 8-oz. non-stretch cotton twill and styled it a few different ways. She said, “The Lonetree Jacket is one of my absolute favorite things I have sewn.” Okay, I’m blushing now.



Cat's Teal Lonetree Vest

Cat also sewed up the Lonetree Vest with the hood in a non-stretch cotton twill in a beautiful teal color. She’ll be testing our extended sizing, so you’ll likely see more photos from her soon!



Corey's Corduroy Lonetree Jacket

My fellow Boulderite and good friend Corey sewed up the jacket with hood in some non-stretch corduroy that will be in the shop soon! She went all out and covered her buttons with our Sea Green Plaid Flannel which she also used to line the hood!




Priscilla's Slate Grey Lonetree Jacket

Priscilla used our Slate Brushed Stretch Twill for her Lonetree Jacket with hood. She was surprised with how well she did with this semi complex design, which is something we heard from a few testers!




Teri's Khaki Lonetree Vest

Teri sewed the Lonetree Vest (sans hood) in a 100% cotton, bottom-weight twill. She prefers a bit more relaxed-fitting armhole, so she opened hers up and bound the armscye with bias tape. Read more on her blog here.



Tori's Denim Lonetree Jacket

I’m always impressed with Tori’s sewing skills and this Lonetree Jacket (with hood) is no different. She used a stretch denim, which was the perfect substrate for this design. Plus, it looks pretty dang cute with her baby bump! See more beautiful photos here.

There will be more Lonetree inspiration coming your way in the next few weeks! Plus, a full blog post announcing the extended sizing with photos is coming your way soon!

Happy sewing! 

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