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Announcing the Selfish Sewing Week Challenge Winners!

By Allie

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Announcing the Selfish Sewing Week Challenge Winners |

The Spring installment of Selfish Sewing Week has come to an end. And wow, was it a wild ride! Fifty-four of you entered your lovely selfish creations into the Selfish Sewing Week Challenge and over 500 of you voted for your favorites. The #selfishsewingweek hashtag blew up on Instagram with hundreds of you showing off what you made. Nearly 50 of you uploaded your projects to Kollabora's event page. Those are some serious numbers!

So today, we're wrapping up the event by announcing the big winners of the challenge. But that's not all. Since this was Indiesew's very first time cohosting the event, we're going to be fully transparent about what we'd do different next time to make this an even better event for everyone involved. And at the very bottom of this post is a full recap of the Selfish Sewing Week inspiration we saw from our fabulous group of featured stitchers.

So, let's get into this. 

1st Place Challenge Winner

Elise, blogger at Sunday Charm, slipped into the first place slot late into the challenge and held firm to take the big prize! Her plaid Shoreline Boat Neck top is a versatile piece for four-season wear. Paired with some neutral flats and a baseball cap, this outfit is perfect for a casual spring day.

Elise from Sunday Charm won first place with her Shoreline Boat Neck |

Elise is taking home a whole lot of sewing swag including a leather hide from The Leather Hide Store, fabric from Art Gallery and P&B Textiles, Indiesew and Imagine Gnats gift cards, plus more! See her entry here.


2nd Place Challenge Winner

LaTonya, blogger at Sew So Petite, secured second place with her stunning polka-dot Bombshell swimsuit. For her first time sewing swimwear, we say she achieved the perfect fit! In fact, her creation has inspired me to make another Bombshell using some of the modifications she came up with.

LaTonya from Sew So Petite won second place with her Bombshell Swimsuit |

LaTonya will be taking home a $50 Indiesew gift card and some great fabric from P&B Textiles! See LaTonya's entry here.


3rd Place Challenge Winner

Amber, blogger at Tangible Artiste, won the third place prize with her maxi, floral Out and About Dress. The abstract floral print paired with a leather jacket makes the perfect outfit for chilly spring days. You'll definitely want to click over to her blog post for some great tips!

Amber from Tangible Artiste won third place with her Out and About Dress |

Amber won a $25 Indiesew gift card plus a paper copy of Fancy Tiger's Sailor Top pattern! You can see her entry here.

The Plan, Next Time

Steve and I are big on transparency. And we know we're bound to make mistakes and learn big lessons as we journey down this road of entrepreneurship.

For the next go-around, there will be some big changes. If we do host another challenge, we'll start it later in the week. We know how many of you work full time, manage a busy household and in general are keeping a ton of balls in the air. This means you likely didn't have your Selfish Sewing Week creation ready to be entered into the challenge on Monday. There were so many awesome creations that were uploaded Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. So next time we'll reevaluate the challenge schedule to make it more equitable for everyone who's participating.

Overall, we are so excited at the number of you who entered and voted. You all make lovely things and you should be insanely proud of your creativity and sewing skills. We're completely open to suggestions you'd like to offer around Selfish Sewing Week and the challenge. Feel free to email me at [email protected] with any feedback at all!


Featured Stitchers

If you were busy selfishly sewing last week, you may have missed some of the great inspiration served up by stellar sewing bloggers. Fear not! Here's a sneak peek of their creations with a full link list below.

The Selfish Sewing Week Stitchers - A huge thanks to these inspiring ladies! |

Check out these blogger's posts to see more!




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