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A Handmade Holiday: Scarves & Cowls + Giveaway!

By Allie

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A Handmade Holiday: Scarves and Cowls |

We're one week closer to the holidays and you may be feeling a bit of a time crunch. We totally understand, this time of year can be insanity. But giving handmade gifts doesn't have to contribute to your overall feeling of busyness. In fact, sewing up your Christmas presents can actually be theraputic during such a chaotic few weeks.

Luckily we have just the sewing pattern that will result in zero frustration and sews up in less than 30 minutes. Which means you can make ten in an evening of sewing, with a glass of wine and your favorite TV show playing.

What pattern am I referring to? Oh, just the Scarves and Cowls pattern by Make it Perfect. There really isn't a handmade item that's better suited for gifting. They sew up in a snap and there's no need to worry about size!

Pom Pom Cowl | Scarves and Cowls Sewing Pattern by Make it Perfect

The Scarves and Cowls sewing pattern is great for beginners (no curved seams!) and will only set you back a couple of bucks. Plus, the designer behind Make It Perfect has made this pattern totally versatile, with the option to add pom pom trim, shirring, or lace.

Per usual, I chose to adorn my cowl with extra large pom pom trim. If you didn't catch it the first time, you can see my small pom pom adorned scarf and flannel cowl here. This cowl is sewn up in a mid-weight linen that I thrifted months ago and couldn't help but brag about. The neutral fabric paired with the white pom pom fringe is such a simple way to wear so much flair. Paired with my navy blue Rose T Shirt, the scarf makes a solid statement.

Pom Pom Scarf | Sewing Pattern at

Coming later this week will be a full tutorial on how to sew pom pom fringe. Included in that post will be some great tips for getting picture perfect pom poms everytime. You should start making a list of things that can be pom pom adorned right now. Trust us, you are not going to want to stop once you start. | Cowl with Pom Poms

Today, we are so excited to give away two copies of the Scarves and Cowls sewing pattern! Sign up below to throw your name in the hat. Two winners will be announced through our Facebook and Instagram pages (so make sure you follow!), and will also be emailed directly. Check back Friday for a full pom pom fringe tutorial!

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