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2017 Spring/Summer Collection: Blog Tour Roundup

By Allie

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Indiesew 2017 Spring/Summer Collection | Blog Tour Roundup

So it turns out that the 2017 Spring/Summer Collection and the coordinating fabric batch is, without a doubt, your favorite yet. Here’s a little secret: it's ours too. Thank you so much for the support you've shown this seasonal bundle!

We were lucky enough to have ten amazing sewing bloggers and pattern designers join us for this collection’s blog tour. Their posts showed just how versatile these five sewing patterns truly are. This collection was all about wardrobe building, each piece easily carrying into your year-round closet.

Let’s take a look:


Hey June 

Hey June | Ogden Cami and Birkin Flares

Adrianna, the designer of the Charleston Dress, sewed up a graphic Ogden Cami to pair with her Birkin Flares (she used this denim). See more amazing photos here.


Threadbear Garments

Threadbear Garments | Highlands and Ogden Dresses

Leslie sewed up a double gauze Highlands Wrap Dress and an Ogden Cami dress hack. Find out what modifications she made here.


Alina Sewing and Design Co.

Alina Sewing and Design Co. | Highlands Wrap Dress

Alina, the designer of the Hampton Jean Jacket, sewed up a rayon challis Highlands Wrap dress in a lovely olive green. Find out her thoughts on this sewing pattern here.


Groovy Baby and Mama

Groovy Baby and Mama | Highlands Wrap Dress

Danish blogger, Trine sewed up a wool/viscose Highlands Wrap Dress and styled it in an unexpected way! Read her post here.


The Sara Project

The Sara Project | Highlands Wrap Dress

Sara sewed a rayon denim Highlands Wrap Dress and made a few mods for more modesty. Find out what she changed here.


Ada Spragg

Ada Spragg | Ogden Cami

Sophie from Ada Spragg shows us a lovely black Ogden Cami paired with her handmade jeans (she used this denim) and kimono. Read more here.


True Bias

True Bias | Highlands Wrap Dress

Kelli, the designer of the Ogden Cami, sewed a black crepe Highlands Wrap Dress. See this stunning, floor-sweeping version on her blog here.


Ginger Peach Studio

Ginger Peach Studio | Charleston Dress

Jenn sewed up a little black Charleston Dress and she lined the bodice! See all the gorgeous details here.


Sew Marie Fleur

Sew Marie Fleur | Highlands Wrap Dress

Fleurine shows us her floral Highlands Wrap Dress set against a stunning Norwegian backdrop. Read more here.


Cookin’ and Craftin’

Cookin' and Craftin' | Hampton Jean Jacket

Meg sewed a perfect Hampton Jean Jacket for cool days out of the wrong side of her denim. Read more about her thoughts on this pattern here.

If you haven’t yet, check out the 2017 Spring/Summer Collection here with lots of photos of our Hawaiian photoshoot. There will be more spring/summer inspiration to come!

Happy sewing!

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