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2016 Winter Collection Blog Tour Roundup

By Allie

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There was so much "new and improved" about the 2016 Winter Collection that made me nervous about its launch. Would you like it? Would it sell? Did I prepare enough? What haven't I anticipated? A million questions swirled in my days before the launch.

Fortunately, it all went off without a hitch. And I have even more gratitude for this sewing community that shows so much appreciation for what we do. I can't say it enough, thank you. Thank you for your fabric orders, your enthusiasm over our paper pattern addition, and your sweet comments about the five sewing patterns I chose for this collection.

This time, our blog tour consisted of the five designers who created the collection's patterns. These women bent over backward to make this collection a hit. They answered a million of my emails and helped me with my Illustrator woes. And then they went and sewed up the patterns and blogged about them. Thank you designers! Let's see what they made.


Yuki | Waffle Patterns

Waffle Patterns | Indiesew Winter Collection

Yuki is the creator of the Dropje Vest and other stellar Waffle Patterns. For this blog tour she sewed up the Mila Shirt, Bethioua, and her own vest, all of which feature black and white hounds tooth fabric! See her post here.


Elke | Elle Puls

Elle Puls | Bethioua and Mila Shirt

German designer, Elke Puls, is the designer of the ever-popular Bethioua. She whipped up a chambray Mila Shirt and a Bethioua with a center back zipper. But her can't-miss-creation is her faux fur Dropje Vest! Check it out  here.



KZJO'STUDIO | 2016 Indiesew Winter Collection

Kaysie is the designer of the Rosaline Dress and all KZJO'STUDIO patterns. She sewed up all five patterns from this collection for a brand new winter wardrobe! Her below-knee Syrah and red Bethioua are a must-see. See her post here.


Lauren | Baste + Gather

Baste + Gather | Dropje Vest and Bethioua Raglan

Lauren Dahl, the designer of the Syrah Skirt (and the creator of Pattern Workshop) sewed up a stunning Dropje Vest for this tour. It features Pendleton pockets and is reversible! Check it out and her other Winter Collection makes here.


Kennis | Itch to Stitch

2016 Winter Collection | Itch to Stitch

Kennis, the designer of the Mila Shirt (a short-term Indiesew exclusive pattern!) also sewed up all five patterns from the 2016 Winter Collection. Her long-sleeved Rosaline and Syrah skirt are perfect knit garments for cold weather. See her post here.

Once again, thank you all for your support of this pattern bundle! Grab your copy of the full or mini collection today. The paper pattern version makes a great Christmas gift for the woman who's working towards a handmade wardrobe.

Happy sewing!

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