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2016 Fall/Winter Collection: Blog Tour Roundup

By Allie

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As I write this blog post a steady amount of snow is falling from the sky. I’m finally reminded that is nearly full-on winter, despite the warm fall weather we’ve been having. I’m also reminded that I need some new warm clothes, stat. 

I curated the 2016 Fall/Winter Collection with the idea that it could be sewn up into two different capsule wardrobes: a lightweight fall ensemble in autumn tones and a few cold weather outfits with warmer fabrics.

Now that my mindset has shifted to colder weather I’m dreaming up a lined Lonetree Jacket, some denim Chi-Town Chino pants, and a Toaster Sweater dress. The patterns in this bundle are workhorses that will easily take you right through to next spring.

In fact, a few weeks ago six sewing bloggers showed us just how versatile each of these garments is. Let’s take a look.

Sew House Seven

Indiesew Fall/Winter Collection | Sew House Seven

Peggy sewed up the Lonetree Jacket (lined with shearling fleece!) and a pair of denim Chi-Town Chino pants. Perfect for a Portland winter.


The Sara Project

The Sara Project | Indiesew Fall/Winter Collection

Sara sewed up the Lonetree Jacket in our Sienna Stretch Twill for a 70’s inspired design. Also, don’t miss her cozy Toaster Sweater.


Allie J.

Allie J | Lonetree Jacket

Allie J. sewed the Lonetree Jacket in our sold-out Dark Army Green Twill. Sew a lookalike using our Army Green Lonetree Kit.


Alina Design Co.

Alina Design Co. | Indiesew 2016 Fall/Winter Collection

Alina went above and beyond and sewed the Lonetree Vest and Bonn Shirt in two Indiesew fabrics. We love them paired with her corduroy Chi-Town Chino skirt.


Sew Charleston

Sew Charleston | Chi-Town Chinos Skirt

Abbey sewed up a navy Lonetree Vest and the Chi-Town Chino skirt. Plus, she has a great tutorial on doing a full seat adjustment (FSA) on her blog.


Sew MarieFleur

Marie Fleurine | Chi-Town Chinos Expansion Pack #2

Fleurine was one of our stellar Lonetree Jacket testers. She also sewed up a cozy Toaster Sweater (check out that amazing textured fabric) and a pair of Chi-Town Chino pants for Norwegian winters. 

Believe it or not, we’ve got even more Fall/Winter Collection goodness coming your way. I’ve got to get started on those winter sewing plans and a few of these patterns play a key role!

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