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Meet Our Team | Co-founder Allie Olson
Allie OlsonCo-Founder
[email protected] linkedin | Co-founder Steve Herschleb
Steve HerschlebCo-Founder
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Allie Olson: "The Idea Maker"
Her mom taught her to sew at age seven. Twenty years later, it's all she can think about. She's passionate about keeping creativity the top priority in her life. Allie wants to make garment sewing less daunting, so she curates the best selection of sewing patterns and resources to take the frustration out of sewing your own clothes.

Steve Herschleb: "The Brains Behind the Idea"
An engineer and self-taught coder, Steve started hacking on his parents computer in the early 90's. And the rest is history. With his passion for product development, Steve focuses on making the Indiesew user experience awesome.

It all started with an idea to unite the online sewing community,
and it turned into an obsession to foster creativity and support the independent. | Sewing Patterns for the Modern Woman

Who Is Indiesew

Indiesew strives to provide the highest quality sewing patterns created by independent designers to sewing enthusiasts in a manner that fosters creativity and connection among the online sewing community.

We believe the best creations are born through collaboration. At Indiesew we strive to inspire the online sewing community, because we know that the best looking fashion is made by hand and the joy of sewing is fully realized when shared with others.

By connecting sewists across the globe through one intuitive platform, we believe we can collectively boost creativity and design potential in handmade women's fashion.

We want to make independent designers the norm in handmade women's fashion. Why? Because we support small business, the working mother and people who follow their dreams through creative pursuits.

What We Stand For

Indiesew was founded on a set of ideals that we strive to fulfill everyday through our business. Since these are so important to us, we figured there's no sense in keeping them a secret and we should share them with our community!

  1. Community First

    Yes, we do sell products which makes us a for-profit business. But we're also a community, a place for sewing enthusiasts to come together, gain knowledge in their craft, and share their creations, their ideas and their inspirations. We believe in putting the needs of our community first, and our business interests and profit margins always come secondary.

  2. Support Independent

    We support the little guy and gal. Home hobbyists, small makers, independent designers (both established and rising stars), your local fabric store...we support you all. Large corporations don't have a monopoly on good ideas or inspiration, and we believe the strongest community includes many different voices from many different makers around the world.

  3. Create a Simplified User Experience

    We want the users of to have an unparalleled experience. The functionality must be advanced, but the interface simple and intuitive to use. The design and aesthetics must be clean, welcoming and streamlined. The site must load quickly and look great on any device. The purchase process must be seamless, straightforward and easy. After using our site, we want our users to say, "Wow, that was easy."

  4. Give Back

    We are fortunate to have extremely supportive families, to have access to higher education, and to live in a society that encourages people to follow their dreams and start businesses. But not everyone has access to the same opportunities. That's why we are doing our part to give back, both in time and money.